Treatment For Parkinson's Disease Caused By Paraquat Exposure

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Treatments ParkinsonThe National Institute of Health (NIH) conducted a study called the Farming and Movement Evaluation (FAME), which investigated claims that exposure to paraquat was associated with a heightened risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Paraquat is a popular herbicide that is widely used on commercial farms throughout the United States. Data from the Farming and Movement Evaluation uncovered that those exposed to paraquat were roughly 2.5 times more likely to suffer from Parkinson’s. Other studies have shown that contact with paraquat increased young adults’ risk of developing Parkinson’s by as much as 600%.

According to the United States Census Bureau’s latest projections, by 2030, approximately 1,238,000 Americans will be suffering from Parkinson’s. Second to Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s is the country’s largest progressive degeneration disorder. The neurodegenerative disease causes a significant deterioration of dopaminergic neurons in the brain. Typical symptoms of Parkinson’s include tremors in the arms and legs, declining coordination and balance, stiffness of muscles of the limbs and body, loss of automatic movements, slow movement, difficulty talking, and trouble swallowing.

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Treatment For Parkinson’s Disease

Treatment For Parkinson's DiseaseUnfortunately, even with all the advancements in modern-day medicine, no cure for Parkinson’s disease exists. Further, there is no standard or one size fits all approach for treating this neurodegenerative disease. Everyone with Parkinson’s must be individually evaluated to determine their most effective course of treatment. Treatment is highly contingent on the patient’s degree of functional impairment, level of cognitive impairment, ability to tolerate antiparkinsonian medications, and the attending physician.

Both prescription medications and surgical therapies also depend on various factors, such as the patient’s age, preexisting health conditions, and tolerance for specific procedures. Since a majority of symptoms related to Parkinson’s are caused by a deficiency of dopamine in the brain, many medications are designed to replenish or mimic the patient’s dopamine. This class of drugs, called dopaminergic medications, generally help decrease muscle rigidity, reduce tremors, and improve speed and coordination of movements. Other common remedies for treating symptoms of Parkinson’s include:

  1. Exercise programs, such as weight training, Pilates, biking, and aerobic classes;
  2. Physical therapy to help provide patients improve their ability and endurance to keep moving;
  3. Occupational therapy, which helps identify strategies that will allow patients to continue participating in activities important to them;
  4. Speech therapy;
  5. The Mediterranean diet;
  6. Supplementing with antioxidants;
  7. Herbal supplementation, such as ginger, green tea polyphenols, and St. John’s Wort;
  8. Medical marijuana;
  9. Getting more rest; and
  10. Clinical trials.



Surgery To Treat Parkinson’s Disease

Contingent on the severity of the Parkinson’s and overall medical profile, the patient’s doctor may recommend surgery as a viable treatment option. Several types of surgical procedures are aimed at improving the tremors and rigidity that frequently accompany the disease. Three types of surgeries commonly performed on patients with acute Parkinson’s include:

  1. Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS): This surgery consists of the implantation of a tiny lead with electrodes that are positioned in critical sections of the brain responsible for controlling movement. The leads are attached by a wire to a small battery-operated device called a neurostimulator. When Parkinson’s produces abnormal nerve signals, electrical currents are released into the brain to lessen the patient’s symptoms. Deep brain stimulation is most effective for symptoms such as shaking, slowed movement, muscle stiffness, and involuntary movements. The apparatus can be turned on and off and has a variety of different settings to help regulate stimulation levels. Routine adjustments allow patients to achieve the maximum benefits while minimizing unwanted side effects. For this reason, most patients choose deep brain stimulation over other available surgical treatments.
  2. Tissue Transplants or Neural Grafting: Experimental procedures are being conducted to replace sections of the brain that are most impacted by Parkinson’s.
  3. Lesion Surgery: Lesions primarily target deep components of the brain that help control movement. The operation is often performed while the patient is conscious in order to help better determine the exact placement. The lesions, or small burns in the tissue, are placed to help limit or stop areas of the brain that trigger tremors.

It is imperative to remember that surgery may relieve some symptoms of Parkinson’s but will not stop the disease’s progression or cure it.

Hundreds of claims have already been filed by those who developed Parkinson’s after being exposed to paraquat. Victims allege that manufacturers of paraquat knew about the neurological dangers associated with their products. Our veteran team of lawyers highly recommend that you consult with us about your possible claim as soon as possible. Insurance companies and careless companies have paid Jed Dietrich, Esq., at least $1,000,000.00 or more 38 times to compensate his clients. The Dietrich Law Firm’s impeccable results can be attributed to our vast legal expertise and elite reputation. You have absolutely nothing to lose by retaining Western New York’s finest personal injury law firm. Our outstanding team will take your case on a contingency fee basis, meaning you will never pay any up-front fees for our world-class legal services. Jed Dietrich, Esq. would be honored to discuss your paraquat case in person. Our battle-tested attorneys are available 24 hours per day and 7 days per week at 716-839-3939 or by completing the online consultation form.

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