What Is The Purpose Of Filing Multidistrict Litigation?

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MultidistrictIn 1968, Congress enacted what is widely known as the multidistrict litigation statute, 28 U.S.C. § 1407. The statute authorizes the provisional transfer of cases to district courts for pretrial coordination and consolidation. Multidistrict litigation (MDL) was designed to ease overloaded backlogs in federal courts by expediting the processing of related lawsuits together. These types of complex cases, which often involve multiple claims filed by different parties, actively streamline the course of pretrial proceedings by eliminating duplicate requests for discovery and witness depositions. Multidistrict litigation cases often comprise of thousands of individual claims and hundreds of attorneys from various parts of the country working together. While multidistrict litigations may combine anywhere from a dozen to several hundred lawsuits, the number of claims can fluctuate considerably. The biggest and longest-running MDL, which was established in 1991 to handle all the federal asbestos cases, consisted of over 192,000 lawsuits. Today, MDLs represent an overwhelming number of all pending lawsuits in federal courts, accounting for approximately 52%.

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Types of Cases That Become MDLs

Multidistrict litigations typically consist of cases where a considerable number of plaintiffs file lawsuits, which tend to be related to the same complaint, against a sole business or corporation. These types of cases may involve hazardous medications, accidents that injured numerous people, or even discrimination practices in hiring. During recent years, an increasing number of pharmaceutical and medical injury lawyers have become involved in multidistrict litigation cases. Types of cases that become MDLs often include:

  1. Product liability lawsuits, involving children’s toys, auto parts, or household appliances;
  2. Dangerous medications and medical devices;
  3. Aviation accidents and incidents;
  4. Employment practices, such as wrongful termination, harassment, or wage violations;
  5. Civil litigation related to securities fraud; and
  6. Intellectual property cases, such as patent, trademark, and copyright cases.


Some Key Benefits of Multidistrict Litigation

MultidistrictAlthough the concept of multidistrict litigation may seem confusing, filing a MDL instead of pursuing a lawsuit individually can provide some strategic and economic benefits. Multidistrict litigation with potentially hundreds or even thousands of other claimants in comparable situations can provide several key advantages, including:

  1. Numerous plaintiffs working together can help provide strength in numbers. Hundreds or even thousands of plaintiffs alongside their lawyers can combine to generate a powerful and influential litigation group. MDLs effectively level the playing field between individual plaintiffs and giant corporate defendants with unlimited resources.
  2. MDLs dramatically decrease litigation expenses for individual claimants. While individual cases standing alone in court are frequently overwhelmed with teams of defense lawyers, litigation costs, and what seems like never-ending litigation, each qualifying claimant in an MDL is only charged a fraction of the overall case expenses, such as costs for expert witnesses on causation and damages. The MDL court generally directs a portion of each case’s attorney fees to a Common Benefit Fund.
  3. Multidistrict litigation streamlines the discovery process and provides uniformity in the way all the cases are managed. Discovery in an MDL is limited and staged. Claimants are granted access to collective defense discovery responses, various litigation resources, and highly competent expert witnesses.
  4. The overseeing MDL judge will generally assign a group of lawyers with extensive experience, such as Jed Dietrich, Esq., to the Plaintiff Steering Committee (PSC). The PSC plays a prominent leadership role in all matters concerning the MDL-related litigation; for instance, overall strategy, expenditure determination, experts hired, case coordination, and, ultimately, terms of settlement offers may all be decided or strongly influenced by the attorneys of the PSC.
  5. MDLs significantly conserve resources and promote efficiency. Instead of hundreds or even thousands of cases pending in various courts around the country, multidistrict litigation is coordinated at one primary court, so that the lawsuits can proceed in an orderly and timely manner. Supervising judges generally become extremely knowledgeable regarding all facts of the case and can determine the most effective rulings.

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