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Causes of Bus Accidents in Buffalo, New York

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Several factors can contribute to a bus accident in Buffalo, New York. According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the number of bus accidents has increased in recent years.

Organizations That Utilize Buses

In Western New York, buses are used by:

    School Bus
  1. Schools: School buses transport children from their homes to their schools. The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that school buses are the safest vehicles on the road. Students of all ages are 70 times more likely to safely arrive at school when riding a school bus than traveling by car. School buses are designed to be visible for safety. Flashing yellow lights, stop-sign arms, and cross-view mirrors prevent injuries and fatalities. Students boarding school buses are also protected by law from other vehicles; passing a school bus while a child is boarding is illegal. Without school buses, there would need to be over 17 million cars to transport the students currently riding on all of the school buses in the United States. Even though school buses are statistically safer than regular cars, there are still a number of fatalities and injuries that occur as a result of school bus accidents.
  2. Daycare Centers: Childcare centers make use of buses to transport children. Buses specifically designed for children passengers have additional safety components. Capacity for children’s safety seats and seat belts is immensely important for injury prevention. In New York State, there is a law that requires children up to the age of 8 to use a car seat or booster seat. Also, children must wear seat belts until the age of 16. These precautions can prevent injuries and fatalities.
  3. Faith - Based and Organization - Related Transportation: Churches and other faith-based religious groups often utilize vans or buses of a variety of sizes. Organizations must acquire operating authority registration from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.
  4. Adult Care Facilities: Nursing homes and other facilities make use of wheelchair accessible buses. Buses with wheelchair lock-in positions and lowered floors make transporting individuals in wheelchairs feasible.
  5. Coach Bus Companies: Each year, over 230 million motor coach group tourists’ trips occur throughout the United States. Coach bus companies organize educational and entertainment resources for passengers aboard buses. These group traveling companies use buses to provide a traveling experience for their customers.

Transport ChildrenIf you, or a loved one, were injured by a negligent bus driver in Buffalo, New York, you deserve the most compassionate personal injury lawyer to handle your case. Jed Dietrich, Esq. and his team of fiercely dedicated attorneys in Buffalo, New York, will fight for you! Our mission is to provide the highest level of personal injury service. We are committed to obtaining the best possible results for those suffering personal injuries in Buffalo, New York, and throughout New York State.

Individuals who have suffered personal injuries as a result of a bus accident may be eligible for monetary compensation for their pain and suffering or lost wages. At the Dietrich Law Firm P.C., we know you deserve fair compensation for your hospital bills, diminished earning capacity, and other expenses. Our client testimonials are available to view here.

Frequent Causes of Bus Accidents

Frequent Causes of Bus AccidentsBus crashes often result in injuries and even death. Broken bones, bruised skin, and lacerations are common injuries associated with bus accidents. Conditions that contribute to bus accidents include:

  1. Driver Negligence: Bus drivers suffering from fatigue can cause accidents. Overtired and unfocused drivers are more likely to cause crashes. Inadequate sleep is considered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to be a public health epidemic. This categorization of insufficient sleep as an epidemic is due to the increased likelihood of car, bus, and truck accidents. Distractions, such as texting or calling, can also contribute to a driver crashing a bus. Bus drivers using cellular devices can cause crashes resulting in fatalities or injuries.
  2. Hazardous Road Conditions: Ice, rain, and snow make driving more challenging. Buses without proper tires can skid into buildings or other structures. Buffalo, New York averages 94.4 inches of snowfall each year. These especially snowy conditions in Buffalo, New York, contribute to tragedies every year.
  3. Location Density: Highly populated areas leave little room for maneuvering large buses. The city of Buffalo has a variety of street sizes, with some streets that are too narrow for two buses to use simultaneously.
  4. Insufficient Bus Maintenance: Improper bus maintenance can result in injury. Weight distribution problems can affect vehicle stability and result in crashes. Buses that are not up to code endanger the people that ride them.



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