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Despite being known as “man’s best friend,” dogs bite over 4.7 million people per year in the United States. Losses due to those millions of dog bites total a shocking $1 billion per year.

Unfortunately, any dog can bite and dog bites are a common injury.

Man's Best FriendAlthough we do not like to think of them this way, our furry friends can be dangerous, and children are especially at risk for being seriously injured by aggressive dogs.

Dog attacks can result in significant medical costs that need to be paid. More importantly, dog bite injuries can put you at risk for contracting dangerous infections such as:

  1. Rabies: A nervous system viral disease transmitted through an animal bite that is characterized by abnormal behavior, increased salivation and in some cases, paralysis or death.
  2. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, MRSA: An antibiotic-resistant infection caused by bacteria that is characterized by bumps, boils and sores that are swollen, hot and hard.
  3. Tetanus: A nervous system bacterial infection that is characterized by painful muscle spasms which typically begin in the jaw and progress through the rest of the body.

Call us now at 716-839-3939 to investigate whether the dog that bit you was properly vaccinated. We work with the local dog wardens and the Health Department to obtain the dog’s records.

In the most serious of cases, dog bites can lead to amputations, nerve damage or facial disfigurement.

Dog Bite Law

In most states, when a dog has injured someone, the owners of dangerous and aggressive dogs are financially liable to pay for:

  1. Medical costs;
  2. Lost time from work; and
  3. Money for your pain and suffering.

New York State law says that the owner of a dangerous dog is strictly liable to pay for an injured victim’s medical costs.

However, to obtain compensation for pain and suffering, one must prove that the dog owner knew that the dog had “vicious propensities.”

Vicious propensities of a dog are usually evidenced by the dog having bitten someone before. Dog bite claims require an investigation to determine whether the dog had shown vicious propensities and whether the owner knew of those vicious propensities.

The top rated lawyers at the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. will thoroughly and tenaciously collaborate with dog wardens and health departments throughout Buffalo, New York to obtain prior reports of a dog’s attacks in order to determine whether the dog that bit you had shown vicious propensities.

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