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Mail carriers in the United States are often the victims of dog bite accidents due to their daily exposure to them when delivering mail. It is hard for any dog owner to imagine that their furry friend is capable of biting an unsuspecting mail carrier; however, it happens all too often. Dogs that have aggressive tendencies and dogs that have docile tendencies are both capable of acting aggressively towards mail carriers at a disproportionate rate than other lines of work or people. This is because dogs feel threatened by the mail carrier’s presence on their territory, especially since the mail carrier has to drop mail off repeatedly; any dog will be on-edge as they will view this as constant incursions into their territory. Even the sound of the delivery truck approaching the house can set a dog off into a barking frenzy.

Although the USPS and UPS collect dog bite statistics, FedEx does not collect such data and does not have a public dog bite policy for when a FedEx mail carrier is bitten. Despite the lack of data tracking, FedEx mail carriers have been paid large settlements for dog bite attacks around the country. No matter which service provider a mail carrier works for, they will always face the danger of being bitten by a dog on their mail route. That is why anyone who owns a dog and regularly receives mail at their residence should ensure that their dog is safely separated from the part of the house that receives mail or kept securely tied up if outside. If the owner’s dog bites a FedEx mail carrier, the owner might be held financially liable for the injuries that were sustained by the FedEx mail carrier. Nationwide the average cost per dog bite claim has risen to $17,802, which is a 134% increase over a 16 year period. A statistic that demonstrates dog bite claims will continue to rise year after year.

Who Pays for a Dog Bite Attack on a FedEx Mail Carrier? PI Book and Gavel

When a FedEx mail carrier is bit or attacked by a dog, there are several remedies available. FedEx mail carriers might file a Workers’ Compensation claim to promptly cover their injuries and any financial burdens from losing out on work. In a Workers’ Compensation claim, the injured party does not have to prove the fault of the negligent party. The injured worker will receive compensation regardless of who is at fault, which is different from a personal injury claim where negligence must be proven. In the State of New York, Workers’ Compensation can cover medical costs, and in some cases, the worker can receive weekly cash benefits based on a percentage of their salary.

A Workers’ Compensation claim might not cover everything, though. By filing a personal injury claim against the negligent dog owner, the injured FedEx mail carrier can get compensation for pain and suffering, post-traumatic stress, and other types of trauma. Instead of receiving benefits based on salary, a personal injury claim will be based on the suffering caused by the dog attack. Furthermore, punitive damages can also be claimed if the dog owner was grossly negligent. Such damages are not usually covered by Workers’ Compensation.

If you or someone you know is a FedEx mail carrier and has been bitten by a dog while working, it may be prudent to look beyond Workers’ Compensation and file a personal injury claim in order to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible. To file a personal injury claim, it is essential that you seek competent and professional legal help. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. and its team of seasoned personal injury lawyers will help you with your claim! The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. can be reached at any hour and at any time of day to begin a free consultation for your dog bite injury at 716-839-3939 or by visiting us online.

Tips To Prevent Dog Bite-Related Accidents

Although not every dog bite-related accident can be averted or prevented, it is worthwhile for mail carriers to take into account extra precautions in order to avoid one. The following tips may help FedEx mail carriers avoid a dog bite-related accident:

  1. Stay calm and avoid showing fear or knee jerk reactions when you notice the dog is displaying signs of aggression;
  2. Avoid staring, as the dog may perceive this as a challenge, especially if you are delivering mail at a house in their territory; and
  3. Carry dog treats or use other objects to distract the dog and deescalate the situation.

Dog owners should also consider what they can do to prevent their dog from biting a FedEx mail carrier to avoid a costly insurance claim or civil litigation. Owners should make themselves aware of when their mail carrier usually delivers mail so that the dog can be put into a separate room or, if necessary, securely tied up and out of sight of the mail carrier. Owners must disassociate the dog’s natural aggressive tendency to protect their territory from the mail carrier simply doing their job. If the dog can be removed from the situation, the dog may not develop aggressive tendencies towards the mail carrier.



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