Staffordshire Terrier Dog Bite Claim In New York State

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Terrier AccidentThere are two types of Staffordshire Terriers that are recognized by the American Kennel Club, the American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. However, because they are closely related and share a similar genetic makeup with the Bulldog family tree, they can be collectively referred to as Staffordshire Terriers. Similar to Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers exude physical prowess with their strong muscular bodies and powerful jaws. Staffordshire Terriers, like Pit Bulls, were originally bred to be dogfighters and engaged in blood sport, which is why many people often just refer to Staffordshire Terriers as Pit Bulls. However, Staffordshire Terriers are milder mannered and smaller than Pit Bulls and are easily trainable. Staffordshire Terriers are often referred to as Nanny Dogs because they are known to have a good temperament around children. Although they are considered more family-friendly dogs than other types of Pit Bulls, unfortunately, they suffer from the same predisposition to have aggressive genes that trigger their tendencies to bite or attack people or other animals in certain circumstances.

Staffordshire Terriers are known to be loveable family companions and can make for great family pets. For this reason, it is likely a surprise to many Staffordshire Terrier owners that their dog has more potential to inflict severe injuries when attacking or biting than even Pit Bulls or German Shepherds. Staffordshire Terriers have one of the most powerful bites, averaging 328 pounds per square inch (PSI). Staffordshire Terriers are smaller than Pit Bulls and German Shepherds, but their bites can potentially be the same or more dangerous than bigger dogs, such as Mastiffs.

Responsible Ownership Helps To Prevent Dog Bite Accidents

Responsible ownership is crucial for any dog’s development, no matter the breed. However, over recent decades, there has been a widespread trend where dog owners are encouraged to neuter their well-mannered companions in an effort to control the canine population. Sadly, these efforts inadvertently result in a growing number of unneutered dogs who are poorly trained or under socialized because of their owners’ negligence, thereby resulting in numerous dogs around the country having more aggressive genes and an increased propensity to bite or attack people.

Owners of aggressive dog breeds, such as the Staffordshire Terrier, should take extra precautions in teaching their dogs not to bite. It is important for Staffordshire Terrier owners to take into consideration the following tips when training their dogs:

  1. When the dog is mouthing or attempting to bite, give the dog a chew toy or a bone instead;
  2. Use treats to distract the dog when it gets excited or attempts to bite;
  3. Focus on non-contact forms of play, such as fetch; and
  4. Supervise and ensure the dog plays with other friendly dogs to increase their social skills.

Unfortunately, even the most highly trained dogs still have the ability to bite or injure others. It is important for those who have been bitten by a Staffordshire Terrier or any other breed of dog to seek proper legal representation in their dog bite-related claim so that they have the best chance of obtaining the compensation they deserve.



Medical Costs Associated With Staffordshire Terrier Bites

Terrier AccidentAs previously mentioned, Staffordshire Terriers can cause more severe injuries than Pit Bulls or German Shepherds. Injuries sustained from Staffordshire Terriers are enough to worry about, but even more troublesome, in some cases, are the ensuing medical bills that victims might be saddled with once their injuries have been treated. Visits to the emergency department of hospitals for dog bite-related accidents will, on average, cost victims $18,200, a figure that is 50% higher than normal hospital injury-related visits. This amount covers only general emergency department visits for dog bites and does not cover the most severe and costly injuries, such as plastic or reconstructive surgery, which could leave victims with even more medical debt. The majority of Americans would not be able to pay off medical bills incurred from a serious dog bite, as 1/3 of Americans are suffering from medical debt, and 54% have already defaulted on their medical debt. Dog bite-related injuries that will likely result in significant medical bills or associated expenses for victims are:

  1. Facial injuries (lips, mouth, nose);
  2. Permanent disfigurement;
  3. Physical Trauma; and
  4. Emotional and psychological trauma.

Homeowners insurance claims paid out $797 million in a single recent year for dog bite-related injuries, and the average cost per claim increased nationally by 14.7%. In fact, New York has the fourth-highest amount of dog bite claims in the country, along with the highest average cost per claim in the country at $55,801, making New York one of the most financially impacted states in the country for dog bite claims and insurance pay-outs.

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