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In 2019 alone, a total of 48 people were killed as a result of dog attacks, reports Dogsbite.org. The past five years have seen an increase in the number of dog bite fatalities across the United States. Statistically, a dog is more likely to bite a stranger than someone who is familiar to them. For the thousands of Uber Eats drivers operating around the world, no one is at greater risk of being the victim of a dog attack than a delivery person.

First founded in 2009 as a rideshare company, Uber Technologies has since expanded to include services such as package delivery, freight transportation, and food delivery. One of the dozens of home food delivery companies across the United States, Uber Eats drivers travel to hundreds of residences every month. While Uber Technologies has stated that the safety of its customers and drivers is one of their top priorities, there is always the possibility that an accident might occur. For Uber Eats drivers visiting a wide range of neighborhoods, there is a greater likelihood that a driver will be attacked by a dog while making a delivery.

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History Of ‘Bad’ Dog Breeds Dog

Today, many of the dog breeds, which are considered to be the most dangerous, achieved such infamy on account of historical precedents. Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds (also known as Alsatians), and Rottweilers all took on a negative image after they were used as guard dogs in World War II. Pit Bulls, which from the very beginning were bred to compete in animal blood sports, were popular guard dogs amongst gangs in America. Today Pit Bulls are considered to be one of the most dangerous dogs in the United States and are responsible for the highest rates of dog attack injuries and fatalities. In some countries, Pit Bulls have been banned entirely. Despite the stigma associated with certain dog breeds, not all dogs which are considered to be “bad” or historically aggressive are necessarily going to attack an individual. Any dog might be capable of biting, from a Chihuahua to a Labrador. Whether or not a dog bites depends entirely on their personal history. As a BBC.com report on the history of dog breeds remarked, “any dog can become dangerous with bad owners.”

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New York State Dog Legislation Person walking a dog

Owning a dog is a serious responsibility. Not only is an owner responsible for the life and wellbeing of a living creature, but it is also their job to ensure that the animal does not inflict harm on others. In New York State, dogs that are older than four months are required to be licensed. Dogs that are in a pound, animal shelter, or humane society are not required to be licensed until an adoption takes place. An owner can renew their dog license yearly with their local town or city clerk. New York State also requires all licensed dogs to be vaccinated against rabies.

Dog control officers throughout New York State oversee the control, seizure, and adoption of dogs, among other duties. They are also responsible for writing tickets for owners who are found to be in violation of dog owner regulations. In the event that criminal proceedings are brought against an owner whose dog was responsible for an attack, the dog control officer will bring forward the charge and possibly seize the animal from the owner.

A dog bite can sometimes lead to serious long-term effects. Jed Dietrich, Esq. is recognized as a New York Super Lawyer and is adept at tackling personal injury cases on behalf of his clients. If you, or a loved one, were injured in a dog bite or dog-related accident in the Buffalo, New York area, contact the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. now at 716-839-3939 or contact us online for your free consultation.

The Dangers Of Dog Bites

Being bitten by a dog, even during lighthearted play, is never fun. In the event of a severe bite, the health risks can be considerable. Infection is the biggest danger associated with a dog bite, as it can lead to more serious medical conditions if left untreated. The teeth of a dog contain many different kinds of bacteria, any of which could be transferred to the human body through punctured or torn skin. In the event of a dog bite, the Cleveland Clinic recommends the following action steps to prevent infection:

  1. Thoroughly wash the wound using warm water and mild soap;
  2. Apply a clean cloth to the wound to slow the bleeding;
  3. Put an antibiotic cream or Neosporin on the wound and cover with a clean bandage or Band-Aid;
  4. Keep the wound clean by frequently changing the bandages, and keep an eye out for any signs of infection. Heat around the wounded area, swelling, pus, and redness are all indications of infection; and
  5. Visit your doctor. It is extremely important to see a medical professional in the event that a stray or feral dog delivers a bite, as that dog might have rabies.

If a bite is sustained from a dog with rabies, medical treatment should be sought out immediately. Your doctor will need to administer injections and, eventually, a rabies vaccine. Left untreated, rabies is fatal.



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