USPS Delivery Person Dog Bite Accidents In New York

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When most people think of dog bite attacks, they may picture the cliché of the unsuspecting mailman being bitten by an aggressive dog while delivering mail, which is a scene that we have all seen played out in cartoons or movies. However, there is truth to the stereotype of dogs biting mail carriers, as they are often the victims due to the nature of their job. The United States Postal Service’s (USPS) mail carriers are bitten on such a large scale that the USPS pays out millions of dollars each year in Workers’ Compensation. In a single year, the USPS recorded that 5,800 mail carriers were bitten by dogs while on the job. This may seem relatively high for just one mail service provider, but it is actually the lowest number of dog bite-related incidents with USPS mail carriers in the past few years. Despite mail carrier dog bite-related incidents having been down in the past couple of years, the USPS and other mail service providers are the third most likely victims of dog bite attacks.

Due to a boom in online shopping and the USPS having made agreements with amazon to deliver more packages at all hours of the day, technology has dramatically helped reduce these numbers. The USPS has implemented safety measures to protect their mail carriers such as mobile delivery devices and hand-held scanners that can confirm delivery of mail or a parcel directly to the customer. These hand-held scanners given to USPS mail carriers can also indicate the presence of a dog at a particular home, which can alert the mail carrier to take extra precautions or avert danger when delivering mail. Nevertheless, mail carriers are and will continue to be exposed to potentially aggressive dogs on their mail routes.

How To Keep USPS Workers Safe From Dog Bites

Aggressive dogs can be triggered into attacks for many reasons. For mail carriers, dogs will often feel their territory is being invaded when the mail is being delivered to their home. By the same token, because mail carriers frequently deliver mail to the same residences, the territoriality trigger will be tenfold, as the dog perceives the mail carrier’s visits as repeat offenses against their territory. Additionally, dogs who are tied up and bark at mail carriers may believe they have repelled the incursions, and this will give the dog a false sense of reward for acting aggressively towards the mail carrier. If such a dog were to ever get out of their house or yard while the mail carrier is around, the situation could quickly end in a dog bite-related accident. The USPS has recently put out tips for dog owners in order to help protect postal workers when they deliver mail to residential areas; these tips are:

  1. Place your dog in a separate room before opening the door to accept mail or a package;
  2. Refrain from accepting mail or packages by hand from mail carriers in the dog’s presence, as it may view this as a threatening gesture by the mail carrier; and
  3. Make sure your dog is always secured.

Besides these simple tips, USPS mail carriers are also allowed to ask dog owners to pick up their mail at the nearest post office if they believe the dog is a threat or unrestrained. This policy also extends to entire neighborhoods when dogs are roaming around without supervision from their owners or are unleashed, so they may ask residents to pick up their mail from the post office instead.

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USPS Mail Carrier Dog Bites In Western New York Mailcarrier

The State of New York is in the top ten states for dog bite attacks and leads the nation in average costs per dog bite at $55,800, totaling $49.83 million paid out by insurers in a single year. This statistic may not come as a surprise as New York is one of the most populous states in the country. To decrease dog attacks on USPS mail carriers, the USPS in Western New York has instituted a new program called the Dog Paw program. This program will designate mailboxes with yellow and orange stickers. Yellow stickers are affixed before there is a potentially hazardous dog, whereas an orange sticker warns that there is a potentially dangerous dog on the premises. The Dog Paw program has been seen as a success since dog attacks on USPS mail carriers have decreased in Western New York. The USPS has plans to make it a national program.

Although the Dog Paw program can help lower dog bite-related incidents among USPS mail carriers, the onus of responsibility is still pinned on the dog owner themselves. Owners must ensure their dogs are securely tied up on the property or out of sight of mail carriers. If owners neglect to take reasonable precautions and their dog ends up biting a mail carrier, the owner will likely be responsible for the injuries that the USPS mail carrier sustains.



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