DoorDash Delivery Person Dog Bite Accidents In New York State

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With the rise in popularity of home-delivery meal services, more and more individuals are signing up to be employees of companies like DoorDash. Seen as an easy and flexible way to earn money, a DoorDash employee has the freedom to set their own hours and area of operation. As with any home-delivery service, however, there is the risk that a dog attack or dog bite might befall an individual while they are making a delivery.

In a given year, the United States reports nearly 4.5 million occurrences of dog bites. A dog bite could result from multiple causes. The animal might feel threatened or believe their owner is being threatened. In such instances, a dog attacking is out of defense. A dog might bite if it is stressed or sick, or in some cases, it becomes overexcited while playing and begins to bite more aggressively. The most sensational reports of dog attacks are those which occur seemingly at random and without provocation.

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About DoorDash Delivery Person - Pizza

This year, Business Insider compared seven different food delivery services, including UberEATS and Grub Hub, to determine which was the superior food delivery company. Ultimately, DoorDash was declared to be the fastest and most reliable of the delivery services. Hailing itself as a “technology company that connects people with the best in their cities,” DoorDash has been running food delivery since 2013. With over 200,000 delivery workers, known officially as ‘dashers,’ the company operates in cities all across the United States, delivering food from local restaurants and businesses.

Dashers have the freedom to accept any orders they desire, but what is entirely out of their control are the dogs in and around the locations they deliver to. Dogs that are left outside unsupervised or unrestrained pose a physical risk to DoorDash employees. The dogs might run into the path of a Dasher’s car or bicycle; they might prevent the Dasher from completing a delivery or from returning safely to their mode of transportation by blocking their path. In some instances, the dog might even bite or attack a dasher, potentially causing them a great deal of physical harm.

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What To Do In The Event Of A Dog Bite recommends taking the following steps in order to prevent the occurrence of a dog bite. Steps 1 – 4 are recommended for avoiding an attack, while step 5 is what to do in the midst of an attack. The recommended measures are:

  1. Dogs respond to body language, so it is important not to react in a way that will startle a dog. Do not make sudden movements. Do not run toward or away from an unfamiliar dog.
  2. If a dog is eating or sleeping, lying near their food dish, or has a dog treat or bone, do not approach them. Never attempt to take food away from a dog.
  3. If you see a stray dog or a dog that is exhibiting strange behavior, contact your local animal control officers. If the dog belongs to someone, they will have a good chance of being reunited with their owners if they are picked up safely by animal control.
  4. If you are a pet owner, do not play rough with your dog or encourage them to engage in aggressive behavior. Dogs are pack animals. Encouraging aggressive behavior could cause your dog to be less responsive to your commands, particularly if they begin to view you as less dominant in the pack hierarchy; and
  5. In the event that an aggressive dog knocks you to the ground, cover your head and neck with your arms and remain curled in a ball. Try as best as possible to remain calm.

Following an attack, there are steps that should be taken before anything else. First, seek out appropriate medical attention. Whether you are the victim of an attack, or the owner of the dog, be certain to exchange contact information with the other party. This is a crucial step, particularly if charges are pressed against the pet’s owner. It is also prudent to seek out legal advice. Either as a victim looking to press charges or as an owner uncertain of whether or not a case will be brought against you, a personal injury attorney will be your best source of information.

With over twenty years of experience as a personal injury attorney in Buffalo, New York, Jed Dietrich, Esq. is someone in whom you can place your trust. He and his team of top rated dog bite accident lawyers will fight on your behalf to obtain satisfaction in your personal injury case. If you are in need of representation, call our offices today at 716-839-3939 or contact us online, and we will answer any questions you might have.

Action Steps For The Owner Dog Bite - Person

No owner wants their pet to be responsible for an injury inflicted on another person. However, accidents do happen. For owners, there is often fear and uncertainty in the face of an attack. It can be hard to know what action to take. If a dog attacks another individual, there is a chance that the injured party might allow the matter to drop. In the event that they decide to press charges, however, an owner could face three possible courts:

  1. Civil Court: In the event that the dog accident injury case goes to trial, the owner will be required to appear before a judge and answer to the injuries inflicted by their pet;
  2. Criminal Court: Less common but still a possibility is a criminal court hearing. This would take place in the event that a dog has a number of citations against it, or if the attack in question resulted in severe injuries; and
  3. Dog Court: Sometimes, animal control will initiate legal proceedings against the owner and possibly against their dog. In this instance, the owner is responsible for preparing a defense against the charge.

Some owners may choose to invest in dog liability insurance. This insurance plan will protect an owner in the event that their pet attacks another individual. A dog bite-related injury claim can total $32,000 or higher. For some owners, that amounts to 30x the original cost of their pet. Breeds such as Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, Doberman Pinschers, and Rottweilers are considered to be some of the most dangerous dogs in the United States; if you are the owner of one of these dog breeds, it would be prudent to invest in an insurance plan for your dog.



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