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Rottweiler DogRottweilers are world renown for being excellent guard dogs. In fact, the ancestors of the Rottweiler were used as guard dogs to protect food supplies and livestock for Roman armies as they conquered much of Europe. Later, Rottweilers were bred to guard cattle against predatory animals and rustlers. Today, Rottweilers are used as police dogs, guide dogs, and family pets. Furthering their reputation as one of the fiercest guard dogs, Rottweilers have muscular bodies and can weigh between 90 to 135 pounds, making Rottweilers undoubtedly powerful. Rottweilers also have a reputation for being an aggressive dog breed. In recent years, Rottweilers have been responsible for 10% of all dog bite-related fatalities, second only to the Pit Bull.

Despite Rottweilers being known as an aggressive breed, they are the 8th most popular dog breed in the United States, according to the American Kennel Association. If Rottweilers are well trained and have responsible owners, they can be great family pets, as they can develop docile and loving personalities. Nevertheless, owners must be aware that any Rottweiler can have the propensity to attack or bite due to their natural instincts to protect their territory and owners from perceived threats. A recent statistic demonstrated that Rottweilers are the second most dangerous dog breed in the United States. Rottweilers also have one of the strongest bites, with a bite force of 328 pounds per square inch (PSI), rendering most Rottweiler dog attacks especially catastrophic, as their bite alone can cause serious injuries to victims and may lead to hospitalization, the need for surgery, or even death.

Why Rottweilers Display Aggressive Behavior

Although Rottweilers comprise a small amount of the canine population in the United States, they are often involved in dog bite-related accidents. To put it into perspective, the two most dangerous dog breeds, Pit Bulls and Rottweilers, only account for 7.3% of the canine population, but they collectively account for 73% of dog bite fatalities. Rottweilers also kill or injure other animals at a much higher rate than most other dog breeds. A Rottweiler may act aggressively for the following reasons:

  1. Food Aggression: This could be triggered when people or other animals approach the Rottweiler while it is eating.
  2. Territorial Aggression: Rottweilers who are territorially aggressive can direct their hostility to strangers or even, in some cases, their owners.
  3. Protective Aggression: This is usually triggered when the Rottweiler is in the vicinity of unfamiliar dogs or people and behaves aggressively due to its instinct to protect its owner or family from perceived threats.
  4. Anxiety Aggression: This can be triggered for various reasons, such as a person’s physical appearance or other circumstantial factors; fear is the biggest trigger for aggressive behavior in a Rottweiler.

To summarize, Rottweiler owners should educate themselves on what triggers their dog’s aggression. It is well established that Rottweilers are an aggressive dog breed with a propensity to bite when put in certain situations or are woefully untrained and improperly cared for. Owners of Rottweilers must care for them and train them properly while limiting their exposure to situations that could trigger aggression.

If someone has been bitten or attacked by Rottweiler, they should immediately seek medical attention at the nearest hospital. Victims of dog bites may be entitled to financial compensation for injuries or trauma sustained from the attack. Therefore, it is important for victims to seek experienced legal counsel if they were involved in such an incident.



Laws About Rottweilers in The State of New York

Gavel DeskIn the State of New York, there is no sweeping legislation that designates a certain breed of dogs to be dangerous or restricts ownership of dogs belonging to certain breeds. There are, however, several city ordinances in New York that go so far as to deem Rottweilers and other breeds as dangerous breeds. Dog owners should look into and be well informed of their own municipality’s legislation.

Overall, in the State of New York, an owner of a dog that was involved in an attack may escape liability under New York’s One Bite Rule. This rule asserts that if a dog was involved in a bite-related accident for the first time, the owner may not face liability unless the victim can prove the owner knew or should have known of their dog’s propensity to act aggressively. In Buffalo, New York, dogs are deemed to be dangerous by a dangerous dog hearing or by determination from a Buffalo City Court. The breed of the dog involved could heavily influence the verdict if that specific breed is noted as dangerous.

Insurance companies may also exclude or discriminate coverage of certain dog breeds. According to the State of New York’s Department of Financial Services, Rottweilers are specifically allowed to be excluded from liability coverage by insurance companies. Therefore, owners of Rottweilers may find it difficult to find homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policies that will cover dog bite-related accidents.

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