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$11 Million Recovery for a Brain Injury
$7.0 Million Recovery for a Brain Injury
$4.5 Million Recovery for a Nurse
$4.5 Million Recovery for a Nurse
$4.35 Million Recovery for a Food Illness
$2.75 Million Recovery for a Nurse
$2.75 Million Recovery for a Cleaner
$2.7 Million Recovery for a Mason
$2.7 Million Recovery for a Nurse
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Injury Types

Injury Types

Accidents can happen anywhere and they can have serious consequences. Often, car accidents, construction accidents, work accidents and others are not your fault but can still lead to serious injuries. If you, or a loved one, suffered an injury as a result of an accident that was someone else’s fault, you may be entitled to significant compensation.

The Dietrich Law Firm P.C., located in Buffalo, New York, is recognized as a Best Law Firm of America and strives to provide the highest level of personal injury service to the people of Western New York and beyond. Our team of highly experienced, aggressive, tenacious and hardworking Buffalo, New York serious injury lawyers will fight to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Call us 24 hours per day and 7 days per week at 716-839-3939 or contact us online. We will provide you with a FREE consultation and there is never a fee unless we WIN for you!

Common Injuries

Accidents can result in a number of serious injuries that require medical attention. These injuries can be costly and have consequences long after the accident takes place.

Common injuries after an accident include:

  1. Traumatic Brain Injury: a disruption in the normal functioning of the brain, often caused by a bump or blow to the head.
  2. Concussion Injury: a type of traumatic brain injury where the brain moves inside the skull, resulting in chemical or physical changes to the brain cells.
  3. Herniated Disc Injury: an injury where the discs cushioning the vertebrae slip out of place and into the spinal canal, often pressing against spinal nerves.
  4. Whiplash Injury: an injury to the neck caused by rapid back and forth movement of the head and neck, often resulting from the force of a car, truck or SUV accident.
  5. Neck and Back Injuries: any injury to the spine or its associated muscles, tendons, nerves and tissues.
  6. Fractures: a broken or shattered bone resulting from the application of excessive force on any part of the body.
  7. Amputation Injury: the removal of a body part, usually a digit or limb, resulting from irreparable damage or infection to that body part.
  8. Airbag Injury: any injury sustained by the deployment of an airbag, including facial injuries, eye injuries, neck injuries and chest injuries.
  9. Paralysis Injury: an injury to the spinal cord that results in partial or complete loss of feeling or motor function to parts of the body.
  10. Seatbelt Injury: any injury resulting from a seatbelt in a car accident, including lacerations, abrasions, chest, neck, rib, shoulder, abdominal and neck injuries.
  11. Broken Glass and Windshield Injuries: any laceration resulting from a shattered windshield or other glass, including lacerations.
  12. Burn Injuries: any chemical or heat burn injury.
  13. Child Injury: any of the above injuries that happens to a person under the age of 18, who is more vulnerable to long-term repercussions.

If you, or someone you love, suffered any of the above injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to monetary compensation. Call the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. today to find out how we can help you! Jed Dietrich, Esq., recognized as a Best Lawyer of America and New York Super Lawyer, and his highly experienced team of Buffalo, New York personal injury lawyers will investigate your case to help you determine liability and take action to help you win the compensation you deserve. Call us NOW at 716-839-3939!



Determining Liability For Personal Injuries

Accidents that cause personal injury are often not the fault of the injured party. Someone else may be responsible for your injury if:

  1. Your injury occurred as a result of a car accident caused by another driver’s negligent behavior;
  2. Your injury occurred in a work environment where proper safety standards were not maintained, taught or enforced;
  3. You were a pedestrian, bicyclist or motorcyclist who was injured by a vehicle that failed to safely share the road; or
  4. Your injury resulted from an accident on someone else’s property where the property owner failed to maintain a safe environment or attend to hazards.

If you suffered an injury as a result of someone else’s negligent behavior, you may be entitled to monetary compensation for your resulting medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. At the Dietrich Law Firm P.C., recognized as a Best Law Firm of America, our team of highly experienced Buffalo, New York serious injury lawyers will fight with determination and dedication to obtain the best possible result for your Buffalo, New York personal injury accident. Call us today at 716-839-3939 to find out how we can help you!

Call the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. immediately at 716-839-3939 so that our aggressive, tenacious and hardworking personal injury lawyers can fight to obtain the best result for your personal injury claim in Buffalo, New York. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there is never a fee until we WIN for you!

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