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Every day, thousands of individuals across the United States hit gyms, treadmills, running tracks, ski slopes, and basketball courts. For some, physical activity is a means of reducing stress and staying healthy, but for others, such as football and basketball players, physical activity is a part of their day job. There are around 250,000 ACL injuries reported in the United States each year. That amounts to roughly 684 individuals per day who seek treatment for ripped or partially torn ACLs. As more and more people engage in physical activity, the number of ACL injuries is only likely to increase. The Centers for Disease Control emphasizes that prevention is the best means of lowering the number of ACL tears. The best way to prevent an injury is to take the time to educate oneself on how it occurs.

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What is an ACL Injury?

ACL is the common abbreviation for “anterior cruciate ligament.” A ligament is a strong band of tissue that connects bones or joints and keeps them in place. The ACL band connects the bones of the shin and thigh. When the ACL tears, the support structure keeping the thigh and shin bones in place is lost, resulting in a debilitating injury. The Mayo Clinic provides a list of symptoms for ACL injuries:

  1. A “pop” or the feeling of a “pop” from the knee joint, accompanied by pain;
  2. Swelling and loss of range of motion in the area around the knee; and
  3. An inability to put weight onto the injured leg.

The ability to walk plays a crucial part of our day to day activities. The Mayo Clinic recommends that all individuals who suspect they might have torn their ACL immediately pursue medical treatment. Depending upon the severity of the injury, reconstructive surgery may be required in order to repair the damaged ligament.

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Common Causes of ACL Injuries

The most common causes of ACL injuries are sports related. Sudden changes of direction, stops, and even jumping or landing incorrectly can cause the ligament to be pulled in opposite directions and, as a result, rip. For those who participate in sports or physical fitness, there are certain factors that can put an individual at a greater risk for an ACL injury. These factors include:

ACL Injury
  1. Sports: Individuals who engage in sports such as soccer, football, basketball, gymnastics, and skiing are more likely to suffer an injury;
  2. Gender: Women are more likely to tear their ACL;
  3. Improper Footwear: An ill fitting shoe can cause the foot to move unintentionally, resulting in a sudden twist or jerk that can damage an individual’s ACL;
  4. Inadequate Support: Without proper conditioning and development of the muscles, the body will have insufficient support to protect the ACL from ripping; and
  5. Previous Injury: If an individual has torn their ACL in the past, there is a higher chance that it will tear again.

In most instances, an ACL injury is accidental. But sometimes, a tear can be caused by the neglect on the part of another. Bicycle or motor vehicle-related accidents, slip and falls, and even workplace-related injuries can result in a personal injury. In the event of these or other accidents, the injured party should seek out appropriate legal representation.



What to do in the Event of an ACL Injury

The treatment prescribed for an ACL tear depends entirely on the severity of the injury. In the first place, it is recommended that the injured area be treated with the RICE method. The area should be rested and iced, a compression bandage placed over the area to prevent further damage, and the leg should be elevated. Once this has been done, individuals should seek immediate medical attention. If a tear is only partial, it may be able to be healed through physical therapy and the use of a medical brace. In the event that a tear is more severe, surgery will be required. The recovery period for ACL surgery is between six and twelve months and will require physical therapy and the use of crutches. Sometimes, this recovery period means that an individual is unable to work their day job. If their injury was the cause of an accident, they might be eligible to receive compensation for their loss of income and livelihood.

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