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Worker with eye problems In the United States, the occurrence of eye-related injuries in the workplace is surprisingly high, with an estimated 800,000 cases annually. A report on workplace-related eye injuries from EHS Today stated that most of these injuries ought to have been preventable. Damage to the eyes of any kind is serious, and not just because of the immediate risks they pose. A history of eye injury or eye surgery can put an individual at risk for developing retinal detachment later in life.

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What Is Retinal Detachment?

The eye is a complex organ that governs an individual’s ability to see. It processes the images presented in the world and reports back to the brain via the transference of light. Most are familiar with the basic shape of the eye, which includes the pupil, the colored iris, and the whites of the eyes called the sclera. The retina is a thin layer on the back of the eye that sends messages to the optic nerve or root of the eye. A retinal detachment occurs when the retina rips, interrupting the transference of signals from the eye to the brain. Retinal detachment can lead to partial or permanent loss of vision, and medical treatment should be sought immediately. Retinal detachment can be one of three types:

  1. Rhegmatogenous: Most commonly caused by aging, changes to the gelatinous substance inside the eye can sometimes cause the retina to rip and detach. This is the most prevalent cause of retinal detachment.
  2. Tractional: Scar tissue caused by diabetes causes the retina to pull away from the eye. Eye diseases, infection, and inflammation can also cause tractional retinal detachment.
  3. Exudative: Fluid starts to pool around the retina and forces it far enough from the eye that it detaches. Injury to the eye can result in exudative retinal detachment.



Causes And Symptoms

Retinal detachment can result from either the natural aging process or from injuries to the eye. The gelatinous core of the eye, known as vitreous, can change as the body ages and pull at the retina. Individuals with diabetes often develop scars on their eyes, which can lead to retinal tears and retinal detachment. Tumors, inflammation, disease, eye infections, and physical injury to the eye, such as those sustained in the workplace or as a result of sport-related injuries, are all possible causes of retinal detachment.

Before the retina physically detaches from the back of the eye, there will likely be warning signs. The vision may become blurry and peripheral vision can start to degenerate. Sometimes, dark specks known as floaters appear to swim across an individual’s field of vision. If any of these warning signs present, it is recommended that medical treatment be sought immediately.

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Treatment For Retinal Detachment

A detached retina will not heal on its own and should be treated as soon as possible. When it comes to treating retinal detachment, surgery is usually the standard of care. The surgical options for retinal detachment are:

  1. Injection and Freezing: Air is injected into the eye to push the retina back against the eye. Cryopexy is used to freeze the surface of the eye, generating a scar that seals the tear;
  2. Indentation: A small piece of silicone is used to patch up the hole; or
  3. Draining: Liquid is pulled from the retina and naturally refilled by the body’s fluid.

A study of retinal reattachment surgeries found that only about 15% of all surgeries detached again following treatment. Even a successful surgery can sometimes leave individuals with lasting blindness or impairments to their vision. In this event, steps can be taken to adjust to new sight levels. Glasses, for instance, can be worn to improve vision and to protect the eyes from further damage.

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