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Crush injuries are traumatic injuries that occur when excessive force is placed on a body part and happen most often when body parts are stuck between two heavy objects. This can happen as a result of a car accident, use of heavy machinery, and falling objects. This type of injury can cause serious damage to bones, tissues, and nerves. Some impairments caused by crush injuries include bleeding, bruising, compartment syndrome, broken bones, lacerations, nerve damage, and infection. The risk of infection has been proven to be higher in crush injuries compared to other kinds of injuries. Depending on the severity of the injury, additional hazards include necrosis and rhabdomyolysis/crush syndrome. Necrosis occurs when tissue has been deprived of blood for too long, which results in the death of that tissue. Rhabdomyolysis/crush syndrome is a condition in which those dead muscles release chemicals into the bloodstream and may cause kidney failure.

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Types of Crush Injuries

While a crush injury can affect any area of the body, there are two main classifications of the injury: Compartment Syndrome and Crush Syndrome.

Compartment Syndrome, which is a localized injury, is a dangerous buildup of pressure in the muscles caused by a traumatic injury such as a car crash or a broken bone. Because blood flow to the muscles and nerves is cut off, this can cause permanent disability and tissue death if the pressure is not relieved quickly. Compartment Syndrome symptoms include intense pain in the injured area, tingling or burning sensations on the skin, the feeling of tight or full muscles, and numbness or paralysis of the area. This condition is urgent and must be treated surgically, as there is no known effective nonsurgical treatment at the moment.

Crush Syndrome is the manifestation of muscle and cell damage as a result of being exposed to excessive pressure or crushing for an extended period of time. This is due to chemicals that are released into the bloodstream from crushed muscles after pressure is released, which causes additional systematic injuries. Some of these additional injuries include muscle death, organ dysfunction or failure, renal failure, and cardiovascular instability. Crush syndrome usually begins to set in four to six hours after the initial injury takes place and happens most commonly when the pressure on the body lasts for one hour or longer.



What You Should Do

Due to the severe nature of most crush injuries, early recognition of the injury and prompt medical treatment is often necessary. If you or a loved one obtains a crush injury, it is important to know how to treat it.

The first step in treating a crush injury is to assess the seriousness and call 911. If there is bleeding, apply direct pressure to the area and cover with a wet cloth or bandage. If possible, raise the affected area above the level of the heart. If the injured area is the head, neck, or spine, immobilize the area and limit movement. If the crush injury is not serious, it can be self-treated without the help of a physician by applying ice to the injury and regularly cleaning the wound with soap and water.

In cases of severe injuries, surgery and additional treatment might be required. Rehabilitation and physical therapy are common treatments after a crush injury as well. Because of the traumatic nature of crush injuries, they can often lead to severe disability and have a high chance of additional complications, such as infection, amputation, and heart problems. Crush injuries can also take a significant toll on your mental health, which can range from depression and anxiety to post-traumatic stress disorder.

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