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Head Injury Treatment Each year, nearly 3,000,000 individuals in the United States receive medical treatment for traumatic brain injuries. That number includes 2,500,000 emergency room visits, nearly 300,000 hospitalizations, and 56,800 deaths as a result of injuries sustained to the head. Traumatic brain injuries are serious and life-threatening and often lead to long-term complications for both patients and their loved ones. A study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information reported that skull fractures were a leading cause of fatalities in individuals under the age of 45. Over 80% of reported basal skull fractures occurred to those younger than 40. The skull is a complicated component of the human skeleton and can sustain fractures in multiple ways.

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An Overview of the Skull

As with many parts of the human body, the skull is a remarkable structure. It is comprised of eight cranial bones and fourteen facial bones. The two bones that form the front and top of the skull are known as the roof of the skull, while the remaining six comprise its base. The bones of the skull’s base are what allow the head and jaw to move. The fourteen facial bones comprise the facial skeleton. These include the cheekbones, nose, eye sockets, and jaw, and the arrangement of these bones is what determines the unique physical appearance of every individual.

The skull begins to develop in a fetus’ first trimester, around the third or fourth week. It continues to grow until the age of seven, at which point it is almost fully formed. This post-birth growth occurs chiefly in the sutures on the skull, easily recognizable as the lines that run vertical and horizontal on the skull. The skull remains flexible throughout pregnancy and early childhood, and it is only after birth that the bones begin to harden through a process known as ossification. Ossification refers to the natural development of bone in the body and typically continues until an individual has reached their twenties.

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What is a Skull Fracture?

A skull fracture refers to an injury that cracks the cranial bones. A blow to the head can be sufficient to cause this type of injury, and it can sometimes cause damage to the brain in addition to the skull. A skull fracture can either be linear, meaning it occurs in a straight line or comminuted, broken into multiple sections. The skull can fracture in multiple ways, but there are four types that are the most commonly identified. These four types of skull fractures are:

  • 1. Closed Fracture: Sometimes called simple fractures because they do not break the surface of the skin;
  • 2. Open/Compound Fracture: Occurs when the bones of the skull break the surface of the skin;
  • 3. Depressed Fracture: A fracture that pushes the skull in towards the brain; and
  • 4. Basal Fracture: Occurring at the base of the skull, these types of fractures typically happen around the face or at the top of the spine.



Symptoms and Causes of Skull Fractures

Head Injury Perspective It is not always apparent when the skull has been fractured. In the case of a closed fracture, for example, the surface of the skin is not broken, and it can be difficult to diagnose an injury. The typical warnings signs of an injury are bruises on the face, particularly under the eyes, a tender spot on the head, nose bleeds, bleeding from the eyes, bleeding from the ears, and severe pain. In addition to these, there are other symptoms that are commonly associated with head injuries and may or may not be an indication of a skull fracture. These symptoms include headaches, sudden loss of coordination, confusion, fainting, vomiting, and problems with vision.

A skull fracture can result from any form of external trauma to the head. Motor vehicle collisions and slip and falls are two of the most common, as it is easy for the head and neck to be hurt by the force of a crash or a sudden fall. These types of accidents are often the grounds for personal injury lawsuits as individuals seek legal indemnification for the damages done to either themselves or to their loved ones. Other injuries that might lead to a skull fracture include injuries sustained while engaging in sports, such as football or wrestling, or as a result of physical abuse or assault.

Whatever the cause of a skull fracture, it is vital to immediately seek medical attention. Once a medical professional has evaluated the extent of the damage, then the best course of treatment can be determined. Some fractures will naturally heal on their own and require only pain medication. Others, particularly in the case of depressed or basal fractures, might require surgery to correct the damage.

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