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According to a study reported by the National Institutes of Health, nearly 25% of the individuals who sustain multiple injuries also suffer from pelvic fractures. Most cases of pelvic fractures are non-life-threatening. However, in instances where an individual has suffered multiple injuries, such as in a motor vehicle accident, a pelvic fracture can be fatal.

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What is a Pelvic Fracture?

The pelvis holds and protects some of the organs in the gastrointestinal system, as well as the organs responsible for sexual reproduction. The pelvis differs slightly in shape from male to female, as the female pelvis needs to be wide enough to accommodate a fetus during pregnancy. Despite this, the anatomy of the pelvis is largely the same. It consists of the pelvic girdle, the sacrum, and the coccyx. The pelvic girdle is what we imagine when we think of the pelvis: two butterfly wing-shaped bones that connect to the hip bones and sacrum. The sacrum consists of several fused vertebrae that connect the pelvis to the spine, while the coccyx, or tail bone, is the bottom of the sacrum. Together, these bones provide the structure and support that allows the body to function.

The severity of a broken pelvis depends on whether it is a stable or unstable fracture. A stable fracture occurs when minimal damage has occurred to the bone: there is one isolated crack in the pelvic bone, and the bone remains in its natural alignment. In an unstable fracture, the pelvic bone cracks in several places, and the bones are pushed out of alignment as a result. An unstable fracture will require some form of surgery to correct, whereas a stable fracture is likely to heal with minimal treatment.

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Symptoms And Causes Broken Pelvis

Pain is the most common symptom of a fractured pelvis. Often, pain results when an individual walks, moves their hips, or bends their knees. The hips may show bruising or swelling, but not always. The pain might worsen at nighttime, particularly following a day of high physical activity and walking.

A pelvic fracture can be caused by a sudden impact that is strong enough to break the bone, such as a high fall from a ladder or a roof, or as a result of a motor vehicle-related accident. For individuals inside a car, when an accident occurs, the force of an airbag deploying can sometimes damage the pelvis. Pedestrians who are struck by a motor vehicle are also at risk, as the force with which they are hit can shatter the pelvis. In other instances, a broken pelvis might result from weakness in the bones. As individuals age, their bones naturally become more brittle. Osteoporosis, an affliction of the bone commonly seen in the elderly, weakens the bones. Fractures and breaks can occur very easily. At the other end of the age spectrum, pelvic fractures can also occur in athletes under the age of twenty. The vigors of training can cause a tear at the base of the pelvis, known as an avulsion fracture.

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Treatment Methods

The treatment methods for a pelvis fracture vary according to the severity of the fracture. In some cases, a pelvic fracture can be treated with a wheelchair, crutches, and pain medication. If more severe, surgery might be necessary to stabilize the injury and facilitate the healing process. The surgery options for a severe pelvis fracture include:

  1. External Fixation: The pelvis is stabilized using metal rods or screws. The rods can then be removed once the pelvis has healed;
  2. Skeletal Traction: A system of weights and pins are used to reposition the legs to facilitate healing; and
  3. Internal Fixation: Similar to external fixation, this method of surgery uses metal plates to sandwich the fractured bones and hold them in place while they heal.

Stable pelvic fractures, which can be treated without surgery, are likely to regain normal or close to normal levels of function. Physical therapy is often prescribed to help strengthen the muscles. A serious pelvic fracture might lead to a permanent limp or pain in the pelvic area. It can take anywhere from three months to a full year for a pelvic fracture to fully heal.



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