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A few years ago, famous ‘The Tonight Show’ host Jimmy Fallon caused a stir when he appeared on set with a bandaged hand. According to Fallon, an accidental trip on his kitchen rug caused severe damage to his finger when his wedding ring became caught on the countertop. This type of injury, known as degloving, can occur when a part of the body is pulled abruptly in two different directions. The resulting force leads to the separation of skin and muscle and frequently requires amputation of the injured area. Fortunately for Fallon, doctors were able to save his finger, but many others who sustain degloving injuries are far less fortunate.

A degloving accident can lead to serious long-term effects. Jed Dietrich, Esq. is recognized as a New York Super Lawyer and is adept at tackling personal injury cases on behalf of his clients. If you, or a loved one, were injured in a degloving accident in the Buffalo, New York area, contact the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. now at 716-839-3939 or contact us online for your free consultation.

What is Degloving?

Degloving, also known as skin avulsion or an avulsion injury, occurs when the topmost layers of skin are torn away from the muscle, connective tissue, and in some cases even the bone. This separation results from some form of external trauma. When a body part is caught between two opposing forces, the upper layers of skin are pulled from the lower layers of muscle and tissue, and as a result, tear completely. A blow, severe tug, or even the impact of a fall can cause a degloving injury.

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A degloving injury can take two possible forms: open and closed. In the case of an open degloving, the skin is completely or partially ripped away, leaving the underlying layers of muscle, connective tissue and bone, exposed. The parts of the body most typically affected in this instance are the limbs, torso, head, hands and feet. Closed degloving, by contrast, occurs underneath the skin and is often visible only as a bruise. These injuries result when an external force causes the topmost layers of skin to detach from the deeper layers, in the resulting hypodermal gap lesions known as Morel-Lavallée lesions form and fill with fluids. Closed degloving typically occurs in the knees, buttocks, hips, and shoulder blades. Both open and closed degloving injuries can result from motor vehicle accidents, industrial-related accidents, falls, sports-related injuries, and animal bites.

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Degloving Accidents

The three most common accidents that result in a degloving injury are motor vehicle accidents, industrial accidents, and ring–related injuries. Each of these accidents will now be discussed in detail:

  1. Motor vehicle accidents typically result in a degloving injury when a hand, forearm, or leg is caught underneath a tire;
  2. Industrial accidents occur when some part of the body, typically a hand or finger, is caught in a machine. An injury from a type of roller machine, such as a plate rolling machine or a road roller, causes injury through sheer pulling force. A conveyor belt injury, by contrast, is able to catch and rip the skin; and
  3. The final most common degloving injury is caused by rings. If the ring gets caught, but the individual keeps moving, the combination of speed and bodyweight pulling against the trapped ring can deglove the entire finger.



What to do in the Event of a Degloving Injury

Degloving injuries are serious and life-threatening. Due to the nature of the wounds, there is a high risk for severe blood loss and infection. Depending upon the severity of the trauma, there is even the possibility of broken bones, which can further complicate the treatment process. Individuals who have sustained a degloving injury should seek out immediate medical treatment. They will need surgery to reattach the torn skin and appendages, and possibly skin grafts. In the severest cases, amputation will be required. Following successful surgery, the injured individual will likely need physical therapy to recover motor movement in the damaged parts of the body. The recovery process for a degloving injury is by no means easy, but if treated quickly, a patient’s odds of survival are good.

A degloving injury typically results from a motor vehicle or workplace-related incidents. On account of this, individuals injured in a degloving accident might be eligible to receive legal compensation. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. has been operating throughout Buffalo, New York, for over a decade. In that period, it has represented countless personal injury victims. If you seek a team of dedicated, hardworking, and skilled lawyers to represent you, the Dietrich Law Firm, P.C., is your top choice. For more information on how we might best represent you, call us today at 716-839-3939 or visit us online.

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