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Asbestos Asbestos is comprised of microscopic fibers that can readily become airborne and breathed in. Due to their shape, asbestos particles have a tendency to stick to tissues in the lungs and other parts of the respiratory system. Asbestos fibers are too tough for the immune system to break down and eliminate. Over time, the fibers cause inflammation and scarring that can ultimately lead to various illnesses, tumors, cancer and mesothelioma.

New York State has one of the highest fatality rates throughout the United States associated with asbestos exposure. From 1999 to 2017, over 15,200 victims lost their lives to illnesses associated with exposure to asbestos, which included 11,320 who passed away from lung cancer, 2,830 people who died from mesothelioma and 1,124 from asbestosis.

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Common Health Risks Associated With Asbestos Exposure

Lungs Asbestos has been known to cause numerous health risks, such as chronic respiratory illnesses and cancer. Often an individual harmed by asbestos exposure has a poor prognosis because it can take up to 50 years from the point of asbestos exposure for symptoms to develop and early stages of asbestos-related diseases are generally difficult to diagnose.

Scientific research has demonstrated that the following non-cancer diseases can result from inhaling asbestos:

  1. Asbestosis: Breathing in asbestos fibers is known to cause this degenerative respiratory ailment, which consists of the formation of scar tissue plaques on the linings of the lungs. As a result, breathing becomes more problematic because oxygen and carbon dioxide cannot pass in and out of scarred lungs without difficulty. Typically, asbestosis occurs in people who have elevated exposures over a long period, but symptoms may not appear until years later. Asbestosis is the most common cause of pneumoconiosis-related deaths and is known as a precursor to mesothelioma.
  2. Pleural disease: This non-cancerous lung disorder causes alterations in the membrane surrounding the pleura and lungs, such as fluid accumulating around the lungs, the forming of localized deposits of collagen, the pleura growing thicker and leading to fibrosis or even part of the pleural fibrosis rolling into the lungs. These pleural irregularities are found in as many as 60% of asbestos workers and are also common in family members of workers. The disease causes a person’s lung functioning to be much less efficient.

Exposure to asbestos can also increase the risk of developing certain types of cancer including:

  1. Lung cancer: Exposure to asbestos is known to exacerbate lung cancer. Studies have found that approximately 4% of lung cancer cases are related to asbestos. Asbestos exposure related lung cancer typically causes a malignant tumor to infringe and obstruct the air passages of the lungs. Additionally, asbestos exposure combined with smoking tobacco products exponentially increases the risk of developing lung cancer.
  2. Mesothelioma: Is a rare but extremely aggressive, fatal cancer of the membrane that covers the lungs and chest cavity, the membrane surrounding the abdominal cavity or the membranes bordering other organs. People suffering from pleural mesothelioma commonly experience shoulder and chest pain and a dry cough.

Exposure to asbestos can also cause larynx and ovary cancer. Furthermore, recent studies imply asbestos exposure may cause cancer of the stomach, colorectum and pharynx.

If you, or a loved one, developed cancer as a result of being exposed to asbestos, contact the legal team of Buffalo, New York asbestos exposure injury and illness lawyers at the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. today so that we can help you. We are dedicated and determined to get you the best possible result after your personal injury or illness in Buffalo, New York and throughout New York State. Contact us today at 716-839-3939.

Advice For People That Have Been Exposed To Asbestos

Anyone worried about asbestos exposure should schedule an appointment with their doctor or medical provider. Doctors will decide if testing is needed based on the individual’s specific exposure level, a physical exam and detailed medical history. Unfortunately, asbestos cannot be taken out of the lungs after an exposure. Preventing further damage to the respiratory system can help decrease the likelihood of cancer or other diseases developing. If the individual is already suffering from an existing ailment, treatment can help slow its progress.

Preventive care for asbestos exposure includes:

  1. Having periodic medical checkups;
  2. Quitting the use of all tobacco products;
  3. Getting vaccinations against pneumococcal pneumonia and the flu; and
  4. Avoiding any additional exposure to asbestos.

The frequency of illnesses and fatalities associated with asbestos exposure is frightening. If you, or a loved one, have been injured from asbestos exposure, you may have a legal right to compensation for the illnesses that you suffered. Contact the Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s team of highly experienced, aggressive, tenacious and hardworking asbestos exposure injury and illness attorneys in Buffalo, New York today to learn more about your legal rights. We can be reached 24 hours per day and 7 days per week at 716-839-3939. Call us today!

Compensation For People With Asbestos Exposure Illnesses

We recognize that if you have been diagnosed with mesothelioma, lung cancer or other asbestos-related illnesses, you are in a fight for your life. Victims diagnosed with an illness after being exposed to asbestos may be entitled to monetary compensation for their injuries. If you, or a loved one, suffer from severe health difficulties, life-long medical care may be necessary. Victims can pursue recovery for damages through a lawsuit which may include compensation for:

  1. Lost income from missed work;
  2. Reduced earning capacity;
  3. Current and future medical expenses;
  4. Permanent disability;
  5. Pain and suffering; and
  6. Other damages connected to your illness.

Furthermore, if you lost a loved one as a result of an illness caused by exposure to asbestos, although nothing can erase the pain of your loss, you may have the right to file a wrongful death claim. Wrongful death claims provide surviving loved ones with financial compensation that can assist them in dealing with their losses. Most importantly, filing a lawsuit forces asbestos companies to take legal responsibility for their lack of concern for the health of workers and consumers. It often takes litigation to influence large companies to be more concerned with human welfare.



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