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Dog AccidentsGerman Shepherds or Alsatians are some of the most popular and widely used working dogs and family pets in the world. Originating in Germany, they were bred to herd and protect livestock, but as time went on, they became the preferred working dog for both the police and military due to their intelligence, size, and speed. Although German Shepherds were not bred to be aggressive and are more naturally inclined to be docile when compared with Pit Bulls, they are extremely overprotective of their owners, which has unfortunately resulted in many dog bite incidents. Not only are they overprotective, but they are more likely to suffer from mood swings and bad temperament when they are not properly cared for, and this is a further contributing factor as to why German shepherds are often involved in dog bite-related cases.

Because of the breed’s intelligence and natural instinct to be guard dogs, owners of German Shepherds need to do their part to adequately train these types of dogs. Without enough socialization and exercise, German Shepherds will often lash out on unsuspecting visitors. Not only do socialization and exercise play a huge role in a dog’s propensity to be aggressive, but German shepherds are highly reactive to human gestures, which again, is why they are great working dogs for police and military. What this means is that if someone, especially a stranger to the German Shepherd, approaches the dog too fast or attempts to pet its head with an open hand, the German Shepherd may perceive this as a threat or challenge and instinctively attack. Owners of German Shepherds should try to be informed on their dog’s natural tendencies and train their dogs to be more welcoming of strangers and other family members to avoid an unnecessary accident.

German Shepherds can exert a dangerous amount of force in their bites, which is why police and military use this breed to subdue criminals. German Shepherd bites can be around 238 pounds per square inch (psi) or more, which makes their bites stronger than a Pit Bull and more similar to that of a wolfdog or much larger breeds of dogs. Bites from German shepherds may cause severe injuries depending on where the dog bit the victim and how aggressive it was during the attack. Remembering to seek immediate medical attention after sustaining a bite from a German shepherd is especially important to mitigate the extent of the injury and any ensuing infection.

German Shepherd Injuries

As noted, German Shepherd bites can cause more severe injuries due to the force they can exert, and the types of injuries sustained from such a damaging bite may entail more extensive medical treatment. The following are examples of injuries that can be inflicted upon a victim from a German Shepherd attack:

  1. InjuriesDeep tissue or puncture wounds that may lead to a severe infection;
  2. Nerve damage leading to a permanent loss of touch;
  3. Disfigurement and scarring; and
  4. Broken bones.

Medical treatment can be extremely costly, and injuries may take long periods of time to recover from as multiple surgeries or physical therapy may be required. It is important for victims to seek legal consultation after being attacked by a German Shepherd in order to recover from their financial loss and ongoing pain and suffering.

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Mitigate Chances Of A German Shepherd Attack

Dogs are very protective of their owners and property, which is why the most likely place for a dog bite accident to take place is at the owner’s home. For German Shepherds, they are even more overprotective of their owners and property than other dog breeds. Therefore, German Shepherds have a higher propensity to bite visitors to their owner’s house or bite nearby strangers. If you are at the house of someone who owns a German Shepherd or if you happen to walk by a German Shepherd displaying aggressive behavior, it is important to keep the following preventative measures in mind:

  1. Avoid eye contact;
  2. Turn to your side to avoid ligament exposure;
  3. Ignore the dog so it will lose interest or see you as a non-threat; and
  4. Slowly back away from the dog.

Although it is hard to predict when a German Shepherd or any other dog will attack, it is best to keep away from dogs that you are unfamiliar with, as this and the above measures may reduce the risk of triggering the dog’s aggressive tendencies.

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