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Dog Bite AccidentsAlthough Pit Bulls and Rottweilers are usually at the center of the aggressive dog breed discussion, the Wolf-Dog Hybrid may be the most problematic and easiest to trigger into aggression. Breeders in the 1950s began breeding Wolf-Dog Hybrids to pursue the noble goal of preserving the declining wolf population at that time. However, it later became apparent that Wolf-Dog Hybrids are neither totally wild nor domesticated. As a consequence of such stark duality in their genes, Wolf-Dog Hybrids essentially undergo an existential crisis once they grow out of their puppy phase due to the confusion of their identity. Wolf-Dog Hybrid personalities are hard to predict, as it cannot be known if they inherited more wolf or domestic dog genes. As a result, Wolf-Dog Hybrids may act erratic and are extremely shy around humans; often, Wolf-Dog Hybrids will be hesitant to allow humans to even touch them. Conversely, Wolf-Dog Hybrids are likely to show aggression to any humans that are unfamiliar to them, leading to many incidents of Wolf-Dog Hybrid attacks. Also, because of their high prey drive, Wolf-Dog Hybrids often attack other dogs and small animals. This high prey drive puts children at an even higher risk of being attacked, as children may seem like tempting prey in the eyes of a Wolf-Dog Hybrid.

It is estimated that there are around 250,000 to 500,000 wolves and Wolf-Dog Hybrids living in captivity in the United States. Estimates of the Wolf-Dog Hybrid population increase year by year as it is becoming more lucrative to breed and sell Wolf-Dog Hybrids; puppies may be sold for as much as $5,000 each. Unfortunately, Wolf-Dog Hybrids do not often live past the age of one and are often abandoned by owners after the age of three. This is because after a Wolf-Dog Hybrid enters adulthood, they become very confused animals, and this leads to frustration, which sadly induces aggressive tendencies and attacks. As Wolf-Dog Hybrids are more apt to behave like wolves when they are older, their social and physical needs are not met, often becoming unmanageable and difficult to train. Due to the foregoing reasons, 9 out of 10 Wolf-Dog Hybrids are killed by neglect, abuse, escape, or are euthanized, as they are much too wild to be domesticated and to live in a human environment.

Not only are Wolf-Dog Hybrids extremely temperamental, but they can also inflict serious injuries on their victims. Wolf-Dog Hybrids can exert the same amount of force in their bites as a wolf can, which is around 406 pounds per square inch (PSI) and is strong enough to shatter a moose’s femur. Wolf-Dog Hybrids are exceptionally dangerous, as they have both the physical ability to cause severe injuries and the unpredictable temperament that leads them to attack and bite.

Warning Signs of an Aggressive Wolf-Dog Hybrid

Aggressive Wolf-Dog HybridSimilar to Siberian Huskies, Wolf-Dog Hybrids are notorious escape artists when enclosed in areas with limited room to run. This is because both animals have a need to expend large amounts of energy, thereby needing lots of physical exercise. This tendency for Wolf-Dog Hybrids to escape may derive from their wolf genes, as wolves are used to patrolling territories of up to 800 square miles. Therefore, being restricted to a small residential area is not going to cut it for such an animal, and it will try its hardest to get out and explore. For most domestic dogs, bite incidents usually take place at the home of the owner, and the victim is usually the owner themselves or a visitor. For Wolf-Dog Hybrids, it is more likely that a victim would encounter one outside in a public place because they frequently escape their enclosures or are abandoned by their owners. If you come across a Wolf-Dog Hybrid or a similar-looking wild dog, there are signals to look out for that could help indicate if the Wolf-Dog Hybrid is acting aggressively; these signs may be:

  1. Digging;
  2. Howling;
  3. Marking;
  4. Pacing;
  5. Possessive behavior; and
  6. Skittish or shy behavior.

When owners choose to take in an aggressive dog breed as a family pet, they must be aware of its natural tendencies and be willing to work hard to train them in order to avoid a bite-related accident. However, the same cannot be said for Wolf-Dog Hybrids, as they are not suited to be typical family pets or to live in residential areas. Wolf-Dog Hybrids, depending on the degree of wolf genes inherited, must be taken care of by expert animal owners or animal sanctuaries capable of caring for the Wolf-Dog Hybrids properly. Recently, there has been an uptick in the popularity of owning Wolf-Dog Hybrids; unfortunately, this increase may lead to more attacks and bite-related accidents.

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Bans and Restrictions on Wolf-Dog Hybrids

Unsurprisingly, Wolf-Dog Hybrids are widely banned and restricted in the United States. This is despite the fact that Wolf-Dog Hybrids are still technically considered domestic dogs, as they are defined as such and protected under the Federal Animal Welfare Act. There is no federal ban on the ownership of Wolf-Dog Hybrids, but some states have enacted outright bans, restrictions, or both. In the State of New York, Wolf-Dog Hybrids are illegal to own for any reason as they are deemed wild animals unless granted a special permit from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Licenses or permits will not be granted to any induvial seeking to own a Wolf-Dog Hybrid for private ownership, as the State of New York limits licenses for scientific purposes. The reason the Department of Environmental Conservation cites for banning Wolf-Dog Hybrids is that they pose a danger to the safety and wellbeing of the people of New York.

As Wolf-Dog Hybrids are defined as wild animals in New York, anyone who is found in possession of a Wolf-Dog Hybrid without a license may have it seized by State Environmental Conservation officers. If a Wolf-Dog Hybrid bites or attacks a victim, the owner of the Wolf-Dog Hybrid may even be held criminally liable. More importantly, New York’s “One Bite Rule” for domestic dogs does not apply in the case of a Wolf-Dog Hybrid attack, as the victim does not have to prove the owner had knowledge of the Wolf-Dog Hybrid’s vicious propensity. Wolf-Dog Hybrids are already deemed illegal; thus, owners may not benefit from a defense that is given to them by law.

For victims of Wolf-Dog Hybrid attacks, it is important to know and keep in mind that the law does not protect Wolf-Dog Hybrid owners. Victims are in a good legal position and can readily make a claim against an owner of a Wolf-Dog Hybrid for their sustained injuries and any financial losses that they may have also incurred.



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