How Does Paraquat Exposure Happen In New York State?

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How Does Paraquat Exposure Happen?Many farmers, planters, certified applicators, and families living in agricultural areas have been repeatedly exposed to paraquat. Paraquat is a dangerous herbicide that is widely used on hundreds of crops, such as fruit, wheat, corn, alfalfa, and soybeans. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), paraquat is classified as a “restricted-use pesticide,” which means that it can only be applied commercially by trained, certified applicators. Even though the weed killer is not available for purchase or use by the general public, paraquat is still one of the most sprayed herbicides throughout the United States. Over the last ten years, the application of the chemical has increased by over 200%.

Unfortunately, victims who have been regularly exposed to paraquat have up to a 600% greater risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. It is no wonder why at least 32 countries around the world banned this toxic substance. However, the United States considerably lags in banning or phasing out the deadly weed killer. Subsequently, our seasoned lawyers have witnessed the inexcusable health consequences caused by paraquat exposure. If you, or someone you care about, have developed Parkinson’s disease caused by toxic exposure; you may not even know where to begin. No one should be forced to suffer the physical, emotional, or neurological damages caused by careless herbicide manufacturers. Even if the exposure was years ago, it is critical to talk with a highly experienced paraquat illness attorney about your options.

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How Are Victims Exposed To Paraquat?

Skin AbsorptionSince only trained and licensed applicators are supposed to handle paraquat, most victims who were exposed work in commercial agriculture or live close to no-till farms. Exposure to the pesticide can come from a variety of sources. Most paraquat poisonings happen in the following ways:

  1. Skin Contact: Skin absorption can occur during mixing, loading, or applying the weed killer. While paraquat poisoning is possible after skin exposure, it is more likely to happen if the contact involves a concentrated version of paraquat, the contact lasts for an extended period, or the victim’s skin has cuts, sores, or a severe rash.
  2. Swallowing: Paraquat can be easily mixed into food, water, and other drinks. Victims might not even realize their food or beverages are contaminated, especially if the paraquat does not contain any safeguard additives, such as odor, dye, or vomiting agent. Eating or drinking paraquat-contaminated food or drinks can poison people. Additionally, victims can incidentally swallow spray drifts after the herbicide is sprayed. A single sip is lethal enough to kill the average person.
  3. Inhalation: When inhaled, paraquat could cause significant lung damage. The poisonous chemical can be rapidly absorbed by the lungs into the blood. Licensed applicators encounter the greatest danger of suffering respiratory exposure. Those residing in proximity to commercial farms where paraquat was frequently sprayed can easily inhale paraquat on windy days. Additionally, some marijuana has been found to contain the herbicide.
  4. Tainted Soil: Paraquat has a half-life of 20 years and takes a long time to break down in nature. Consequently, the herbicide poses a significant hazard to anyone that touches sprayed weeds, crops, and soil.

Most victims who have developed Parkinson’s disease were regularly exposed to traces of paraquat over the years. Regretfully, a majority of exposure victims were not even conscious of their exposure until it was already too late.



Who Is Eligible To Pursue A Paraquat Injury Claim?

Paraquat has been marketed throughout the United States under numerous labels, such as Bonedry, Parazone, Blanco, Devour, and Firestorm. The herbicide was heavily sprayed around both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. If you were unfortunate enough to develop Parkinson’s disease after contact with this toxic substance, you might be eligible for compensation. Below our veteran paraquat exposure attorneys have identified some potential claimants:

  1. Certified pesticide applicators;
  2. Mixers of paraquat;
  3. Individuals who have or previously held restricted use pesticide licenses;
  4. Agricultural workers, planters, and harvesters who worked on farms where the weed killer was sprayed;
  5. Laborers who worked with certified applicators or individuals with restricted use pesticide licenses;
  6. Households in the vicinity of commercial farms;
  7. Anyone who moved the herbicide to and from storage containers;
  8. Shippers, pilots, and truckers who transported paraquat;
  9. Factory workers who worked in paraquat manufacturing plants; and
  10. Loved ones of any of the above parties that may have been indirectly exposed to the herbicide.

The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s sympathetic team of Buffalo, New York paraquat exposure attorneys understand the emotional and physical pain accompanying your deteriorating health condition. We realize that if you have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s after being exposed to toxins, your whole world may be turned upside-down. No one deserves to suffer because of irresponsible herbicide manufacturers. While all the money in the world cannot erase your pain and suffering, the compensation we obtain for you can provide financial stability for your whole family. Jed Dietrich, Esq.’s greatest reward is hearing his clients’ feedback about the quality of personal injury representation that the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. provided. Jed Dietrich, Esq. would be honored to discuss the particulars of your paraquat claim. Our veteran team is standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at 716-839-3939, or by completing the online consultation form. Contact our zealous legal team today to learn more about your legal rights.

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