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Truck Drivers are Inadequately Trained

Truck Drivers are Inadequately TrainedThere is a shortage of truck drivers in the United States. According to the American Trucking Association, the industry is currently lacking nearly 50,000 drivers. Trucking is vital to the American economy, as big rigs are used transport close to 70% of the nation’s freight.

Due to economic demands and the increased need for drivers, new truck drivers are younger and receiving less training than ever before. Currently, the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure is pushing an initiative known as the DRIVE-Safe Act (H.R. 5358). This bill would expedite the process of obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) by lowering the minimum commercial truck driving age from 21 to 18.

Putting young, inexperienced and hastily trained new drivers behind the wheel of a fully loaded 80,000-pound tractor-trailer is extremely dangerous. Large trucks traveling at highway speeds can take up to the length of a football field to come to a complete stop.

Truck drivers need extensive preparation handling braking and transmission systems. Exposure to common, but potentially hazardous situations, is also necessary. This includes:

  1. Bad weather;
  2. Congested traffic patterns; and
  3. Tight and narrow turns.

A routine scenario for an experienced driver could lead to a fatal accident with an inexperienced driver behind the wheel.

In fact, approximately 27% of truck accidents can be attributed to inadequate training.

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Truck Driver Training Procedures

Truck Driver Training ProceduresIn order to operate large trucks, drivers must obtain a Commercial Driver’s License. A CDL certifies that the driver has the specialized knowledge and skills necessary to operate a commercial motor vehicle. The process for obtaining a CDL to drive a tractor-trailer, big rig or semi truck in New York State requires several weeks of classroom instruction, written tests and a skills test.

After obtaining a CDL permit with a successful written test score and an eye examination, a driver usually enrolls in a driving school for their training. Typically, these programs begin with a week of informational and theoretical training in a classroom setting and end with a written test. Next, practical training begins in the cab of the truck. Drivers must learn how to inspect, maintain and operate the vehicle safely. Trainees need an extensive knowledge of the different components and safety features of the truck, such as warning lights.

The United States Department of Transportation Proposed Minimum Standards for Training Tractor-Trailer Drivers require:

  1. 150-hours of basic training;
  2. 150-hours of an externship; and
  3. 80-hours of advanced training.

There is an abundance of training programs available through driving schools and private trucking companies. These training programs all are required to follow the minimum standards set by the federal government.

The shortage of truck drivers currently in the United States has led many companies to hire employees directly out of driving school without general practical experience. These drivers immediately transition from a low-pressure training environment to being alone behind the wheel of a 40-ton steel machine barreling down the road at 55 miles per hour. The four weeks that drivers spend in trucking schools and programs may not adequately prepare them for the dangerous situations that can arise on the road.

Data shows that inexperienced truck drivers crash more frequently. If you have been injured in an accident with a big rig, semi truck or tractor-trailer, it may be because the other driver was ill-equipped to safely operate their vehicle.

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Commercial Trucking Company Liability for Inadequate Driver Training

Some commercial trucking companies require that new employees have several years of driving experience. Others will hire new drivers fresh out of driving school. Either way, these large truck companies are responsible for ensuring that the drivers they put on the road are properly trained and equipped to safely operate their vehicles.

Companies hiring truckers must complete:

  1. An exhaustive background check;
  2. A medical examination; and
  3. A certification that their new employees have a CDL and proper training.

If companies are not thorough in their hiring process or are unaware of information such as a driver’s DUI history, they can be held responsible for accidents and damages under the theory of negligent hiring.

Trucking companies are under constant pressure to transport freight efficiently, which means that they need an abundance of skilled professionals to operate their big rigs, semis and tractor-trailers. With the current shortage of drivers in the United States, many companies are cutting corners and hiring inexperienced drivers that lack proper training.

Evidence can be collected to prove whether or not the driver was properly trained. This includes:

  1. The driver’s CDL and other necessary certifications;
  2. Electronic logbooks and vehicle inspection records;
  3. The driver’s criminal history and driving record; and
  4. The driver’s employee file.

In some instances, private driving schools and programs will gloss over and neglect necessary safety procedures in order to accelerate the training process. This can leave new drivers unfamiliar with important safety features of the vehicles, and lacking practical experience, making these organizations negligent. In the event of an accident with a driver that appears to be inexperienced, our law firm will investigate the organization where the driver trained. Private training schools for truck drivers can be held liable for accidents if they did not adequately train new truck drivers.

The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. believes that companies should be held liable for negligence that results in serious injuries to others. Call us today at 716-839-3939 if you have been hurt in a truck accident. We will determine if the driver was adequately trained to operate a large commercial vehicle. Our methodical truck accident lawsuit process will establish exactly what happened in your truck accident, and we will be able to identify the responsible parties. Our truck accident injury lawyers serving people in Buffalo, New York will use their extensive experience to attempt to obtain the best result for YOU.

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