Rainy Day Car Accidents In Buffalo, New York

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Draving on rain Each year, rainy weather causes of thousands of car accidents. Various studies show that rain causes more driving fatalities than snow. Rain causes the number of accidents to dramatically increase as the roads become wet and slippery, making them more treacherous for motorists. Not to mention, when it is raining heavily a motorist’s visibility is greatly limited. Even the most veteran drivers must take all the necessary safety precautions to avoid rainy day crashes. When drivers ignore hazardous conditions, drive carelessly or overestimate their driving abilities, unnecessary accidents can occur. Unfortunately, most of these accidents could have been completely avoided if the at-fault drivers would have applied basic rainy weather driving practices. Victims of rainy day car accidents may be eligible for monetary compensation for their medical treatment, lost wages and other damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

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How Does Rain Lead To More Car Accidents?

Puddle There are numerous ways that rain can cause car accidents. Rainwater often makes the surface of roadways extremely slippery. This is especially apparent when it first starts raining because the water lifts and mixes with rubber, grease and oil deposits on the road. The slick surface typically makes it harder to stay on the road and avoid crashing into other vehicles. Driving fast on wet roads can result in hydroplaning, a condition where the tires of a vehicle lose contact with the road’s surface making it more difficult to stop.

Poor visibility is another major safety issue caused by rain. When driving in the pouring rain, a large amount of falling water can make it nearly impossible to see more than a few feet in front of you. In addition, water, dirt and debris can be splashed up onto cars by surrounding vehicles, making windshields dirty and difficult to see through. It is not unusual for the heaviest rainfalls to occur during the night or in windy weather conditions, which decreases visibility even more.



Tips For Driving Safely In The Rain

The first step to preventing a rainy day car accident is to learn how to drive safely and account for the conditions of the road. We have put together a list to prepare you for driving in the rain, which includes the following:

  1. Always wear your seatbelt: In case your vehicle starts hydroplaning or another vehicle crashes into you, wearing your seatbelt can help minimize your injuries and keep you inside of the vehicle on impact.
  2. Stay vigilant: Keep an eye on all cars in front of you and watch out for any approaching vehicles. Be on the lookout for stranded cars and pedestrians on the side of the road.
  3. Drive slower: In rainy weather conditions, it is important to slow down and adjust your speed according to the conditions of the road and visibility. Driving slower in the rain can provide your tires with increased traction.
  4. Avoid driving too slowly: Although you should slow down, driving too slowly can cause needless swerving hazards for other motorists and increase your risk of being rear-ended.
  5. Do not break too hard: Breaking suddenly and quickly can cause your tires to briefly lose their traction. Allow yourself enough distance behind other vehicles so that you can ease into your break and avoid sliding.
  6. Check your windshield wipers: It is important to routinely inspect your windshield wipers to ensure they are working properly. Replace them if they are worn or working improperly.
  7. Turn on your headlights: Driving with your lights on makes your vehicle more noticeable so that other drivers are more likely to see you—and, it is the law.
  8. Keep a reasonable distance: Tailgating or following other vehicles too closely will not provide you sufficient time to react. Longer stopping distances are typically required in rainy conditions, so keep a reasonable distance behind other motorists while driving and when stopped.

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Can Drivers Be Held Liable For Accidents Caused By Rain?

A majority of rainy day car accidents are avoidable when motorists drive more cautiously to account for the limited visibility and decreased traction. By following the above safety tips and driving more proactively it will greatly increase your visibility and capacity to respond to any hazards encountered. Every motorist must exercise reasonable care when driving, which includes applying all necessary precautions, driving safely and taking into account the road conditions that rain can cause.

Every driver assumes a legal responsibility to exercise caution and due care regardless of the slippery surfaces or lack of visibility. Under New York law, the rain does not change who is at fault for an accident and rain is not considered a legal excuse from liability. If you were a victim of a rainy day car accident, do not be afraid to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney and consider your legal options. Other drivers should be held responsible for any accidents and resulting injuries that they cause because of their failure to respond reasonably when faced with conditions such as rain.

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