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Railroad Crossing Car AccidentsSince the development of the first railroad in the United States in 1828, rail travel has expanded across the country, and today boasts nearly 630 railroads and over 100,000 miles of track. While the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) works hard to ensure the safety of railroad operators, accidents do happen. Railroad crossing car accidents across New York State continue to claim the lives of motor vehicle drivers.

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The Dangers of Railroad Crossings

Railroad crossing car accidents most often occur at grade crossings. A grade crossing is any place where a railroad intersects a public road, path, or another rail line. On average, a train will travel at a speed of 150 miles per hour. For a train traveling at that speed to stop, it would require 3 to 5 miles of track. Because of this, in the event that a motor vehicle is stalled crossing railroad tracks, it is very unlikely that a train would be able to stop in time to avoid a collision. While today most crossings are marked with active warning signals and signs, some have only passive signs, meaning they are static and not responding to live communication signals from approaching trains. Because of this, they give no indication as to whether or not a train is near a crossing. Motor vehicle operators must rely on their own senses to perceive whether or not a train is approaching.

A railroad crossing accident might occur if there is an issue with the crossing itself. Potholes, uneven pavement, or similar obstructions might cause a car to become trapped on the tracks. Under Section 56 of New York State’s Consolidated Railroad Laws, trains are required to stop at most grade crossings, but not all. In the event that your vehicle is stranded on the tracks, retreat to a safe distance and immediately call 911 to report the danger.

Railroad crossings are by law required to be maintained by railroad entities. Additionally, the railroad is required to ensure those grade crossings are equipped with sufficient warning signs. If a crossing is unmarked, the entity responsible for placing and maintaining those signs is at fault for any accidents that occur because it was due to their negligence. Additionally, vehicle operators are required to exercise caution when crossing railroad tracks at grade crossings. Failure to exercise caution is on the driver, who should have been aware of warning signs.

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Railroad Law in New York State

Railroad Crossing StopMost railroad accidents today are the direct result of trespassing. If an accident occurs while an individual is trespassing on railroad property, that individual is legally at fault and cannot sue the railroad company for any injuries sustained.

Under Section 83-A of New York State’s Consolidated Railroad Laws, no individuals are permitted to drive on land owned by the railroad. This includes motor vehicles, snowmobiles, ATVs, bicycles, and horses. A conductor, while expected to be alert, is not expecting a car or snowmobile to be present on a private section of track and might not be able to react fast enough to prevent an accident. To that end, it is illegal to trespass on railroad-owned property. Any individual caught trespassing is subject to the legal consequences of their violation.

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Railroad Crossing Safety

To stay safe, the Federal Railroad Administration recommends the following precautions for all pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic when crossing railroad tracks:

  1. Motor Vehicles: Exercise caution whenever approaching a railroad crossing, such as being alert for active railroad warning signs, watching and listening for approaching trains, and never stopping on railroad tracks.
  2. Pedestrians: Practice situational awareness and be aware of any active warning signs around railroad crossings, and only cross at places that are designated for pedestrian traffic.
  3. Caution at Passive Crossings: A passive railroad crossing is one that does not have flashing or moving signals. As such, there is no real-time warning of an approaching train, and extra caution should be taken when crossing railroad tracks. Look for any indication of an approaching train and cross quickly when the way is clear and never stop on the railroad tracks.



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