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Self-Driving Car Accident LawyersWithin the past five years, there has been a boom in electric vehicles, leading to the development and release of self-driving vehicles and technologies. In the state of California alone, companies have tested their self-driving vehicles over 2.9 million miles, according to the California State Department of Motor Vehicles. This figure does not include the thousands of cars equipped with self-driving capabilities currently on the road. Many car brands have started to utilize self-driving technology, and some public transit has even begun to use the technology. For example, driverless cars have been implemented on a small scale in Brooklyn, New York, for a shuttle service. While this technology is becoming more widespread, it is still quite new. These new technologies can be quite unsafe and have led to many accidents recently.

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How Autonomous and Safe are Self-Driving Cars?

Contrary to popular belief, most self-driving cars on the road today are not fully autonomous even if their features seem like it. This misconception can lead to tremendous danger as self-driving car operators may have too much faith in the new technology and leave the vehicle unattended. The quality of self-driving car technology will increase over time. A self-driving car’s level of autonomy is measured by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The scale ranges from 0-5, and the qualifications are as follows:

  1. Level 0: Level 0 vehicles have no driving automation and are manually controlled, which encompasses majority of the vehicles on the road today.
  2. Level 1: These vehicles have some form of automation, usually in the form of a single system for driver assistance. A typical example of a Level 1 car’s feature is adaptive cruise control, which can adjust the speed of the car based on the vehicle in front of it.
  3. Level 2: This level of automation is defined as partial driving automation. Vehicles equipped with this technology can steer, accelerate, and decelerate autonomously, but the human driver can take control of the vehicle at any time. Most current technology, including Tesla’s Autopilot, falls under level 2 autonomy.
  4. Level 3: Level 3 vehicles have the capacity to make decisions for themselves, such as passing a slower vehicle. However, the driver still must always be ready to take over in the case of an emergency.
  5. Level 4: This level of automation allows for total self-driving but in limited circumstances. For example, an automated taxi falls under this criterion but can only travel in urban areas with relatively low speed limits.
  6. Level 5: This technology allows for no human attention and complete machine driving.

As many of the current self-driving cars are marketed as almost entirely self-driving, drivers are often not cautious enough when on the road. This reality, coupled with some errors in the new technology, can frequently lead to accidents. Jed Dietrich, Esq. has years of experience in car accident injury law and is well equipped to represent you in your self-driving car accident case. Call the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. now at 716-839-3939 to discuss your injury with highly experienced self-driving car accident injury lawyers in Buffalo, New York.



How is Negligence Established in a Self Driving Car Accident?

Car AccidentEstablishing negligence in a self-driving car accident case can be quite difficult as the driver or the manufacturer of the vehicle could be the negligent party depending on the circumstances. Currently, as most self-driving vehicles are Level 2 autonomous vehicles, the driver is often given a signal to take manual control of the vehicle. However, if the driver ignores this message and causes an injury, they could be considered negligent. Most self-driving car accidents occur because of human error by not responding to the road when the car signals to. If the car itself were to switch lanes into another driver, the company might be at fault for producing faulty software that lead to the accident.

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