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Over the last decade, motor vehicle accident rates have been climbing, with over 33,000 fatal accidents reported in a single recent year. While not every motor vehicle accident results in a fatality, the likelihood that a life-changing injury occurs remains high. In New York State, the most common course of action after a car accident is to file a No-Fault insurance claim. Through this claim, individuals can receive monetary compensation to cover loss of income and compensation for medical bills due to their injuries. While many of these claims are successful, there are some instances in which an insurance company can choose to deny a claim, typically on the basis of incomplete or inconclusive information.

Having your No-Fault insurance claim denied can be frustrating, but you do not have to fight alone! At the Dietrich Law Firm, P.C., our team of dedicated and hardworking Buffalo car accident attorneys is ready to represent you and is fully capable of answering any questions you might have regarding your Buffalo car accident. Call us at 716-839-3939 or contact us online to receive your free consultation. Remember, our clients are never charged until we have obtained a win on their behalf.

About Allstate

We often hear about insurance companies, either through news reports or advertisements, but still, the purpose of an insurance company is not always clear. Insurance is “a means of guaranteeing protection or safety.” Insurance is a contract between an individual or entity (the insured) and an insurance company (the insurer) in which the insured pays a premium in exchange for the insurer's promise to provide financial compensation, known as a benefit or claim payout, in the event of specified losses or damages. The purpose of insurance is to protect against unexpected or unforeseen losses, such as damages to property, injury, illness, or other covered risks, and to provide a form of financial security or reimbursement for the insured in case of such losses.

Of the hundreds of insurance companies operating throughout the United States today, one of the most well-known is Allstate. Allstate first opened its doors in 1931, when the president of Sears, Roebuck & Co department store, decided to begin a company dedicated to selling automobile insurance.

The No-Fault Insurance Claim Process Checking Documents

A No-Fault insurance claim is an official application to your insurance company requesting reimbursement for medical expenses and lost wages caused by your accident. The first step in filing a No-Fault insurance claim is to contact your insurance company. Under New York State’s No-Fault Law, any party involved in a motor vehicle accident can file a No-Fault claim, no matter who was at fault. When contacting your insurance company, you will need to provide information regarding the accident, including the following:

  1. The individuals involved in the accident, including their contact and insurance information;
  2. The date and location of the accident; and
  3. Photos of any damage to the vehicles and the scene of the accident.

Once you have reported the accident to your insurance company, an insurance adjuster will work to determine the value of your No-Fault insurance claim. They will decide how much compensation you are entitled to by assessing the extent of your injuries and the amount of time you were unable to work. Often, insurance companies will attempt to lowball clients by offering an amount that is less than they deserve. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you do not accept an insurance company’s first offer. An experienced car accident attorney, such as can be found at the Dietrich Law Firm P.C., can help you in this situation. Our priority is to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. We will be able to determine the exact value of your injury case and follow through with the insurance company until we achieve a successful verdict for you.

At the Dietrich Law Firm P.C., we understand the life-changing effects of personal injury. A car accident can permanently alter your way of life. As such, the importance of finding the right representative for your personal injury case cannot be overstated. Our team of top rated Buffalo car accident attorneys is more than capable of representing you. Please call us today at 716-839-3939 or contact us online for your free consultation.

Can Insurance Companies Deny No-Fault Claims?

An insurance company might choose to deny a claim. This decision is made based on the report from the insurance adjuster and can put you in the difficult position of needing to fight their findings. The most common reasons for denying a claim are:

  1. The claim was filed past the deadline;
  2. Errors were present in the documentation submitted;
  3. The insurance adjuster determined there was insufficient proof of medical necessity; or
  4. Necessary authorization was not provided for reviewing medical or employment records.

If an insurance company denies a No-Fault claim, it must justify its decision. In such instances, you have the option of disputing their decision. While you can fight alone, it is highly recommended that you engage the services of a personal injury attorney to argue your case. Not only will they be able to walk you through the process of filing a No-Fault claim, but they will also go toe to toe with the insurance company lawyers on your behalf. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. is highly experienced in motor vehicle accidents and knows the ins and outs of filing No-Fault insurance claims. We can help you every step of the way, from filing the initial claim to disputing a denial. In every instance, we place our clients as our top priority. We will not settle until you receive the compensation you deserve.



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