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Black SUV In the United States, sports utility vehicles account for almost 50% of the total motor vehicle sales. The sports utility vehicle, more commonly known by its abbreviation SUV, has been a fixture in the car market for decades. When it first appeared on the market, the SUV appealed to consumers not only for its ability to go off-road but also for the additional space and safety it provided. However, the SUV has a top-heavy design that predisposes it to rollovers. Their popularity has been rising for years, and as more and more SUVs find their ways to garages and driveways, the number of SUV-related accidents has increased as well. A single recent year saw 6,500 rollover fatalities, with rollovers found to be the cause of 42% of SUV-related deaths in the United States.

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How Are Cars Tested For Safety?

Car salesmen often rattle off information about 5-Star Safety Ratings and rollover scores, but sometimes these statistics can be confusing. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is in charge of testing all motor vehicles to determine their overall security. First established in 1970, over the years, the NHTSA has worked to devise better methods of evaluating motor vehicles. In 1993, the 5-Star Safety Ratings system was developed, so that prospective buyers could evaluate for themselves the safety of a motor vehicle. The 5-Star Safety Ratings system rates cars according to both their likelihood of a rollover and the overall protection offered to passengers in the event of a crash.

In addition to the 5-Star Safety Ratings system, motor vehicles are also tested on their Static Stability Factor (SSF). The SSF determines how likely a motor vehicle is to rollover based on the shape, height, and weight. The results of SSF tests are also factored into the number of stars a vehicle receives. A motor vehicle with a 1-star rating has a 40% chance of rolling over, whereas a motor vehicle with a 5-star safety rating is regarded to be very safe.



Common Causes Of SUV Rollovers

A rollover occurs whenever a motor vehicle is flipped onto its roof or side. Perhaps the most familiar cause of rollovers is from a sharp turn when both the speed and weight behind the motor vehicle throws it off balance and causes it to tip over. The very aspect of the SUV’s design that appeals most to consumers – its height and space – also lend to a top-heavy design that is more likely to flip. This is why cars that possess a low center of gravity, such as racing cars, are less prone to rollovers.

A rollover can also be caused when a vehicle strikes another vehicle or object. The force of such a collision is often enough to push an SUV off balance and force it onto its side or roof. In some instances, a vehicle’s tires can also cause a rollover. If the tires’ grip on the road is too strong, it can actually stop the car from sliding. Because of this, it is recommended that SUV owners avoid performance tires, which are designed to offer better traction on the road but can also lead to accidents.

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Tips For Avoiding A Rollover

There is always a concern that a rollover might occur while occupying a motor vehicle. One of the first steps that can be taken to avoid a rollover is to review the 5-Star Safety Ratings for your prospective vehicle. The NHTSA website has a database where you can evaluate the test results for motor vehicles. Additional ways to avoid a rollover include:

  1. Buy New: Recent statistics on SUVs that are less than 3-years old have found a decrease in the number of rollover fatalities in the past decade. Newer SUVs have the latest safety features and receive the latest safety tests;
  2. Be Safe: Always wear your seat belt and be observant of your speed, particularly if the terrain is uneven, if there are sharp turns, or if there are bad weather conditions; and
  3. Watch Your Weight: Weight factors into an SUV’s chances of a rollover. Adding weight to the vehicle can sometimes overbalance it, particularly if that weight is placed on the roof.

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