New York Car Accident Lawyers Explain Form 960: The HIPAA Authorization

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HIPAA document The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Form 960 is a document that allows for the release of an individual’s personal medical information to a specified entity. By signing the form, an individual is granting their healthcare provider or doctor permission to disclose their medical history to a specific person or organization.

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What Is A HIPAA Authorization Form?

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was instituted in 1996 for the purpose of regulating the release of patients’ personal medical information. The intention of the act was to protect individuals’ rights and privacy by regulating how that information was released. The HIPAA Privacy Rule, implemented to augment HIPAA, established further safeguards regarding the release of individuals’ medical information. The Privacy Rule established standards that had to be followed by covered entities. This was to ensure not only that health information could be released but also that the covered entities would take steps to see that information safeguarded once it was in their possession.

It is common practice for health care providers to distribute a HIPAA Privacy Form to every new patient, informing them of their rights regarding the release of personal health information. This form is different from the HIPAA Authorization Form, which is strictly used for the release of your medical records and information. When you sign a HIPAA Authorization Form, you are confirming your consent to release protected health information (PHI) to the person or entity specified on the form. The form must include the name and address of the person releasing the information, the name and address of the person or entity to whom the information is being released, the time limit during which the form is valid, and the purpose for which the form is being used.

In personal injury cases, you can usually restrict access to your medical records further by designating the date of the accident and the specific body parts that were affected by your accident. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s veteran team will help you fill out this and many other important forms related to your accident. Our highly experienced team will protect your right to privacy by ensuring that we only disclose the necessary medical documents.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Person and documents It is not uncommon to have questions when it comes to filling out a HIPAA Authorization Form. Often, the circumstances that require this form involve a personal injury claim. The following are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the HIPAA Authorization Form:

  1. What are “covered entities?” Covered entities are “individuals and organizations subject to the Privacy Rule,” such as a patient’s healthcare providers.
  2. Who can sign a HIPAA Authorization Form? The form is signed by the patient releasing the information or by an individual acting on the patient’s behalf.
  3. Do HIPAA Authorization Forms need to be notarized? No, HIPAA Authorization Forms do not have to be notarized.
  4. Can I cancel my HIPAA Authorization Form? Individuals have the right to revoke their HIPAA Authorization Form at any time, as is specified on the form. There is also an option to specify the length of time that an entity has access to your health information. In a personal injury claim, you can choose to have your HIPAA Authorization Form expire at the close of litigation.
  5. Why do I need to disclose my medical records? In a personal injury claim, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff. In essence, you must prove your claim and your alleged injuries in order for your claim to be successful. Medical records and other documentation of your injuries serve to strengthen your claim and give you the best opportunity to receive the highest compensation possible.
  6. Where can I find a sample HIPAA Authorization Form? You can find a sample form here.

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