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Boat docked Western New York boasts countless bodies of water that attract locals and tourists during the warmer months of the year. Boaters flock to the shores of the Finger Lakes, Lake Ontario, and other popular spots throughout the summer, hoping to enjoy time on the water with family and friends. Unfortunately, boating comes with risks. Carelessness or ignorance of safety regulations can put individuals at risk of boating accidents, such as falling overboard. These accidents can cause serious personal injuries or death.

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New York State Boating Regulations

According to the American Boating Association, thousands of recreational boating accidents occur each year. These boating accidents result in hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries, and millions of dollars in damage. Most boating accidents are the result of illegal or dangerous activities. The American Boating Association lists the following important statistics:

Dad fastening child's life vest
  1. In one recent year, 79% of boating accident deaths were due to drowning, and 86% of the victims were not wearing life jackets;
  2. Most boating accident fatalities occur in boats under 21 feet long;
  3. Alcohol is one of the leading causes of boating accidents, though unsafe speed, inattention, and inexperience are also common factors;
  4. Most boating accidents occur in motorboats; and
  5. Most boating accidents occur with operators who do not have boater education certifications.

The American Boating Association contends that most boating accidents could be prevented with proper boater education. Without education, boaters are more likely to make unsafe decisions that put themselves and their passengers at risk.

In the case of some boating accidents, passengers on the boat might be thrown overboard. The sudden motion of being tossed from a boat can lead to serious personal injuries, including:

  1. Fractures;
  2. Spinal cord injuries;
  3. Neck and back injuries;
  4. Head injuries; and
  5. Internal injuries.

Additionally, if an individual is thrown overboard without a proper life jacket, they might be at risk of drowning. Individuals are more likely to drown if they are not strong swimmers, injured, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Without a life jacket, a victim might not be able to keep their head above water if they are tossed from a vessel in an accident.

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Boating Safety And Liability

Boat operators are required to take certain actions to keep themselves, their passengers, and other boaters safe. According to New York State’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Historic Conservation, in New York State, boaters must abide by the following regulations:

  1. Children under 12 must wear lifejackets while onboard any boat shorter than 65 feet, regardless of whether or not that boat has a motor;
  2. There must be a personal flotation device onboard for all passengers, regardless of age;
  3. Boats must be equipped with all lights required by New York State if on the water in decreased visibility;
  4. Boaters must obey all markers and warnings posted in the water on buoys;
  5. Boaters must obey the speed limit regulations specific to each body of water and remain under 5 mph within one hundred feet of the shore;
  6. Boaters should make safe speed decisions and operate their vessels with care;
  7. All individuals born after May 1, 1996, must have a boating safety certificate to operate a boat; and
  8. No individual under the influence of alcohol should operate a boat.

The American Boating Association recommends that all individuals seeking to operate a boat take a boater education course. Proper and thorough boater education is the best way to decrease boating accidents and keep everyone out on the water safe. If an individual fails to adhere to the regulations set forth by New York State and this failure results in a boating accident where someone is seriously injured or killed, that person might be liable for the accident. It is a boat operator’s duty to ensure that everyone onboard is kept safe and that the boat is operated properly and in accordance with state and local regulations.

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