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Niagara County Boat AccidentsNiagara County is located in Western New York and is home to a total of twenty towns, cities, and villages. Boating residents in Niagara County can travel on Lake Ontario, the Niagara River, Erie Canal, Tonawanda Creek, and several other bodies of water. With hundreds of boats navigating throughout Niagara County each year, boat accidents are inevitable. There are many hazards in the water that can lead to serious boat incidents in Niagara County. Boat operators should be mindful of other boats, breakwalls, and potentially dangerous objects in the water. For example, a man passed away, and two other passengers were injured when their boat hit an embankment in Tonawanda Creek in Niagara County.

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Types of Negligence in Boating Accidents in Niagara County

The negligence of boat operators causes many boat accidents. Boat accidents that occur due to the operator’s negligence can lead to life-threatening injuries, and victims might be eligible for compensation. The following are two common ways that boat operators can be deemed negligent in Niagara County, New York:

  1. Careless Operation: Boat operators can be considered negligent if they are operating their vessels in an unsafe and irresponsible manner. When boaters are navigating their vessel, they can be careless if they are unaware of hazards in their vicinity, like failing to check if there are any swimmers near the boat’s propeller. Careless operation of a boat can also include failing to inspect the boat’s machinery and safety equipment regularly. Overall, careless boat operators are negligent because they are unaware of their surroundings and disregard basic boating safety standards.
  2. Reckless Operation: Reckless boaters operate their vessels in a dangerous manner. Reckless operation includes excessive speeding, boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and driving your boat dangerously close to another vessel. In addition, operator recklessness includes hitting large waves that can throw passengers overboard. Reckless boat operators are negligent because they jeopardize the safety of themselves, their passengers, swimmers, and other boaters.

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Liable Parties for Boat Accidents Due to mechanical Failure in Niagara County

Boat Accidents Many boat accidents are caused by a deficiency in the boat’s machinery or equipment. According to the New York Recreational Boating Report, a passenger in Niagara County passed away after attempting to fix a boat’s defective motor. Machinery failure can include any damage to the boat’s engine, safety equipment, and electrical, fuel, or communication systems. If you are involved in a boat accident due to a malfunction in the boat’s machinery, different parties could be held responsible. The following is a list of potentially liable parties after a boat accident due to equipment failure in Niagara County:

  1. Boat Operator: It is important that the boat operator performs routine maintenance checks of their vessel. Before heading on the water, boat operators should test the fuel and check for leaks and exposed wires. If an accident occurred due to an unresolved equipment issue that the boat operator should have been aware of, they could be held responsible for the incident. To avoid this, boat operators should follow a boat inspection checklist to ensure that there are no defects in the machinery.
  2. Boat Technician: The boat technician, or the repair business that the technician works for, may be liable for a boat accident if the boat was not adequately repaired. In other words, if there was already a flaw in the boat and the mechanic failed to repair the issue, which led to an accident, the technician might be culpable. In addition, if the technician was repairing an equipment problem, and in the process damaged another vital piece of equipment, the technician might be held responsible if an accident occurred due to their negligence.
  3. Boat Manufacturer: The boat manufacturer may also be held accountable for a boat accident due to machinery failure. If the boat manufacturer installed subpar equipment or outdated machinery that caused a boat accident, the manufacturer of the boat may be held liable. Additionally, if the manufacturer assembled the boat incorrectly, they could also be held accountable if an accident occurred because of their mistake.

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