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Erie County Boat Accident Erie County, New York, is one of the largest counties in Western New York with over 40 towns and cities. There are over 900,000 Erie County residents, and many are frequent boaters. Boating residents on the western side of Erie County have access to Lake Erie and the Niagara River. In addition, boaters that live inland can boat along Lake Erie’s water channels such as the Buffalo River, Eighteen Mile Creek, and Big Sister Creek. With such a high volume of boaters traveling on the same waterways, accidents are bound to occur. The Niagara River is known for its harsh currents that can cause fatal boat collisions. Plus, there are many breakwalls on the coast of Erie County that can be very hazardous if local boaters are not careful. Overall, boating in Erie County can be dangerous and lead to serious accidents if boaters are not operating their vessels in a cautious and safe manner.

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Important Responsibilities of Boat Operators in Erie County

Boat Operators In most boat accidents, the operator of the boat is held accountable for the incident. For example, a tragic boat accident occurred in Erie County when the operator struck his vessel into a breakwall, killing one of the passengers. The boat operator was speeding and was later charged for the crime. Since the operator is in charge of the boat, it is their responsibility to make sure the passengers on the boat and the people in the boat’s vicinity are safe. The following is a list of boat operators’ responsibilities in Erie County that can help operators avoid harmful accidents:

  1. Equipment: Boat operators should be responsible for all the equipment on their boats. Boat operators should perform routine checks of their equipment, such as regularly inspecting the boat’s engine, electrical systems, and communication systems. It is also important that boat operators are responsible for the safety equipment on their vessels. Operators should have an adequate supply of life jackets, flotation devices, and first aid kits to ensure the safety of their passengers in the event of an emergency.

  2. Environment: It is the responsibility of the boat operator to check the weather before the trip. Operators should provide the necessary supplies to protect themselves and their passengers from the elements. For example, if the weather is cold, the operator should have materials such as warm blankets, extra coats, and hot drinks on board. If the trip is at night, the boat operator should have working lights, signaling devices and be familiar with boating in the dark.

  3. Route: The boat operator should plan the route ahead of time so that they will be prepared for the trip. While on the water, the operator should always know where they are and how to return to shore. It is also important for the boat operator to be familiar with any hazardous objects that might be in the boat’s path.

  4. Laws: Lastly, it is essential that the operator is familiar with the laws on the water and the penalties when the laws are violated. A few examples of law violations include imprudent speed, boating under the influence, and boating into restricted areas. The boat patrol unit of Erie County consistently enforces these laws by conducting vessel inspections. For instance, the Erie County boat patrol unit recently caught a boat operator who was intoxicated and violated several other maritime laws.

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Relevant Evidence in Boat Accidents in Erie County

If you are involved in a boat accident in Erie County, it is important to gather evidence essential to your boat injury claim. The following is a list of relevant evidence that you should collect, if possible, at the scene of the accident:

  1. Boat Identification Numbers: Write down or take a picture of the identification numbers of all the vessels involved in the accident. The identification number is located on the hull of the boat and is 12 digits.

  2. Contact Information: Make sure to collect all of the contact information from the boat operators, passengers, and any witnesses at the scene. Relevant information includes the names, addresses, phone numbers, and the insurance companies of those involved in the incident.

  3. Pictures: If possible, take pictures of any property damage and injuries incurred from the accident. Also, take photos of any hazardous structures that might have caused the accident, such as breakwalls or sharp rocks.

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