Competitive Cyclist Injuries In New York State

Injuries Sustained By Competitive Cyclists In Western New York

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Cysclists Cycling in the United States has always been a favorite leisure activity and a preferred choice of exercise. Cycling is not only a popular recreational activity but, in fact, cycling races or competitions have been a national pastime since 1878, which is just a few years removed from the establishment of professional baseball and a little over a decade before the invention of basketball. Presently, the recent boom in American cycling participation has led to the creation of thousands of cycling competitions across the United States, and many of these events are held each year for professional athletes, amateurs, or are community cycling events for families.

Despite the good intentions behind cycling events, there is always a lingering possibility of participants getting injured, especially professional road cycling. Since 1894, 139 cyclists have died in races, and the causes for why these injuries are so traumatic is because cyclists race closely in packs and try to overtake one another by jostling for position, which can create a dangerous pile-up of cyclists if any one of them crashes. Although the majority of cycling accidents are soft tissue injuries, head injuries are the main culprit for many serious racing injuries, and they are also why racing can be so dangerous.

Even with the proper equipment such as a helmet, the injured cyclists may suffer internal bleeding that can lead to a brain hemorrhage or even expensive reconstructive surgery. Not only is the probability of crashing into fellow participants highly dangerous, but also, tight twists and turns in the course may cause crashes. Crowd control barriers are also a danger as they could be improperly placed along routes and may have sharp edges that trip cyclists, or the bars in most traditional barricades could dangerously entangle a fallen cyclist.

Cycling Competitions In Western New York

Mountain cyclists The State of New York is one of the most popular states for cycling competitions, events, or community rides. For example, Empire State Ride, a New York cycling club, organizes a yearly bike ride from New York City to Niagara Falls for cancer awareness and fundraising for cancer research. Throughout Western New York, there are several bike clubs that also host events for all ages and skill levels, for example, the City of Orchard Park holds several events each year for small children and families to learn how to bike and how to do it safely. For professional or highly skilled cyclists, the Buffalo Bicycling Club holds 37 annual races with 210 participating members, and the club also provides training for professionals or for interested persons each week.

Western New York boasts several of New York’s top ranked most beautiful places to visit, which many tourists or local residents can take advantage of by participating in organized scenic bike rides. Tourist operations, local clubs, and conservation societies routinely organize sightseeing cycling events such as bike rides along the historic Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany or breathtaking cycling adventures through parks and conservation areas.

Although participating in cycling is fun, challenging, and healthy, a cyclist should always be prepared and know how to ride safely. Cycling accidents can be very serious, as most fatal or severe injuries are to the head, and several professional cyclists over the past decade have died due to brain injuries resulting from crashes or were forced to retire for having suffered too many concussions. People interested in cycling events and competitions should be aware of the risks before committing and ensure they are able to ride defensively when around other cyclists at high speeds.

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Be Prepared For Your Next Cycling Competition

As mentioned, cycling competitions and events can be dangerous, and they can easily yield severe injuries. There are many contributing factors for why cyclists at events crash; most notably, crashes result from other cyclists who overuse their brake or even the brake disparity between bike models can be enough to cause cyclists to crash into one another. If you are a cycling enthusiast and have registered for a race or event, the following tips may help you avoid sustaining any injuries:

  1. Review the intended course and identify tight turns or other trouble areas;
  2. Fine-tune the bike and make sure your equipment is not faulty;
  3. When group cycling, point to hazards and communicate with fellow riders;
  4. Ride predictably and refrain from excessive braking; and
  5. Ensure your front wheel does not overlap with the back wheel of the rider in front.

As an important note on preparedness, cyclists should be aware of the nearest local hospital or have a friend or family member in attendance to help in case there is a serious injury. Since most races and events are done over hard pavement and at high speeds with other cyclists, injuries may at first appear to be soft tissue abrasions or soreness but always make sure you are treated by medical professionals. Lingering injuries from cycling can be long lasting or permanent if left untreated.



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