Bicycle Accident Statistics In New York State

Bicycle Accident Statistics

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Bike Trip ManWhen it comes to a bicycle-related accident, it is almost always the cyclist who is injured. While these accidents can vary in nature, from a motor-vehicle collision to a fall on unsafe terrain, or even an incident with another cyclist, the injuries that result can be serious, even deadly, in nature. By familiarizing yourself with the greatest risks facing cyclists today, you will be better equipped to avoid personal injury, whether you are riding a bike, driving a car, or as a pedestrian.

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Accident Statistics

The following statistics for bicycle related accidents around the United States reveal that, from year to year, the rate of fatalities for bicycle riders has been consistently high. The following statistics from the Centers For Disease Control website show that in a single recent year:

  1. There were 1,000 cyclist deaths;
  2. There were 467,000 cyclists injured;
  3. Adults between the ages of 50-59 were at the greatest risk for a bicycle fatality;
  4. Most non-fatal bicycle injuries happened to children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 19;
  5. Most fatalities occurred in urban areas; and
  6. Approximately 37% of bicyclist deaths involved intoxication.
Percentage Fatalities

The ascending number of deaths and injuries shows an alarming trend for those interested in bike riding. Each year there is a greater likelihood that an accident will take place on public thoroughfares. For both cyclists and drivers, the need for caution while on the road is greater than ever. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a government organization dedicated to decreasing the number of vehicle-related accidents, reported that in 2018:

  1. Approximately 857 cyclists were killed;
  2. The average age of cyclists killed by a motor vehicle was 47;
  3. Falls were the most common bicycle-related incident, while collisions were the deadliest; and
  4. Cyclists should take the most precautions between the hours of 6 p.m. and 9 p.m., as it was during this period that the greatest number of accidents occurred.

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Top Rated Bicycles and Equipment

Whether you are a seasoned bike rider or a beginner, having the right equipment is one way in which you can ensure that you have the safest bike riding experience. You should always:

  1. Bike TripChoose A Reliable Bike: You should choose a bicycle that is the right size for you and one in which all the parts function correctly. A bike with unreliable breaks, sticky gear changes, or loose handlebars or seats can put you at risk. The Strategist posted a list of the best beginner commuter bicycles. Among the bikes listed, there is Giant Escape 3 (least expensive); Pure Cycles Urban-Commuter Bike (with disk brakes for precision stops); and the Kona Dew (lightweight but durable).
  2. Find A Helmet That Fits YOU: Although individuals over the age of 15 are not required to wear a helmet, many commuters, recreational, and professional cyclists still do. A bike possesses limited protection for its riders, and a helmet offers a cushion in the event of falls or crashes and might be the difference between a bruise and a concussion. Virginia Tech has published a useful page on the top rated bicycle helmets today, based on impact tests and in conjunction with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. website also has a useful FAQ page on how to find the helmet perfect for you.



Additional Resources For Bicycle Safety

The following additional resources will help keep you and your loved ones equipped with up to date bicycle safety tips and locally specific information:

  1. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website has tips for road safety as well as research into crashes and their common causes.
  2. For 3 FAQs After a Bicycle Accident, our website has some useful information on steps to take in the event of a bicycle related injury.
  3. Trail Link has a list of the best bike trails around Buffalo, New York, a helpful resource for those who are interested in bike riding without using public roads.

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