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Recently in Buffalo, New York, construction began on a new two-way bike lane. This new project is intended to provide a safe path for bicyclists in and around the Buffalo, New York area. The hope is that “this innovative design will provide a safe and convenient bike path to local recreational and cultural destinations along the Lake Erie waterfront.” If the project is successful, the city of Buffalo might implement more bike lanes in the future for the continued safety of its residents.

In a bustling city such as Buffalo, New York, a bicycle is an excellent alternative to a car. Not only are bicycles a good means of exercise, but their use reduces city traffic, and their impact on the environment is less harmful than other methods of transportation. As with any form of transportation, there are personal safety risks for bicyclists, particularly those that use city bike lanes. The more familiar an individual is with the risks facing bicyclists today, the better their chances of avoiding personal injury in the future.

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Bicycle Lanes And Their Dangers

The National Association of City Transportation Officials defines a bike lane as “a portion of the roadway that has been designated by striping, signage, and pavement markings for the preferential or exclusive use of bicyclists.” There are several types of bike paths currently in use:

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  1. Conventional Lanes: a traditional bike lane that follows the flow of traffic;
  2. Buffered Lanes: designed with an extra space between the bicycle lane and the car lane;
  3. Contra-Flow Lanes: allows for cyclists to ride opposite to the flow of traffic; and
  4. Left-Side Lanes: a conventional lane that has been placed on the left side of a one-way street or two-way divided streets.

Unlike the proposed two-way bike lane in Buffalo, New York, which separates bicycle lane and roadway, most bike lanes run parallel to roads, with no physical barrier to separate the bicyclist from passing cars. The greatest risk for individuals who use bike lanes is, of course, a collision with a motor vehicle. For cyclists, who have limited physical protection, such a collision can result in broken bones, concussions, and even loss of life.

Other, less serious, risks facing cyclists include crashes with other individuals utilizing public bicycle lanes, which is not limited to bicycles but can include scooters, rollerblades, and even mopeds. Debris from car accidents, potholes, loose gravel, trash, and even puddles, snow, or patches of ice are all dangers which bicyclists should be aware of and watch for while on the road.

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Bicycle Lane Safety Tips

bicycle accidentWhile on the road, the best safeguard against injury is to practice defensive driving. Defensive driving refers to “the practice of using driving strategies that minimize risk and help avoid accidents.” These driving strategies are the same that should be followed while driving a motor vehicle. The more observant a cyclist is while on the road, the better chance of safety for everyone around. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has the following recommendations for bicyclists while utilizing public roads:

  1. Bicyclists should ride with the flow of traffic, not against it;
  2. A bicycle is required to obey all traffic signals and signs;
  3. Be aware of other cyclist, drivers, or pedestrians;
  4. Watch for potential hazards on the road such as potholes or debris; and
  5. Do not use mobile phones or music players while on the road.

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Bicycle Path Dangers

As with bicycle lanes, a bike path contains hazards for those individuals who frequent them. While a bicycle path does not have the same risk of an accident with a motor vehicle, there is still the danger of a crash or collision with other cyclists, runners, or any individuals using the path.

The League of American Bicyclists has a user-friendly website where they promote safe bicycling practices and encourage bicycling across the United States.



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