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When a woman gets pregnant, she may become very concerned about the unborn baby’s health and wellbeing. This causes most pregnant women to be extremely conscious of their surroundings and actions, often taking extra precautions to prevent injury to themselves and their unborn baby. Nevertheless, pregnant women may have a harder time being agile and maintaining balance. Pregnancy causes an assortment of bodily changes, such as weight gain, a shift in the center of gravity, loosening of ligaments, a protruding belly, and lightheadedness. Consequently, inevitable instability places expecting mothers at a greater risk of falling than other women. According to, approximately 27% of pregnant women suffer falls during pregnancy, and 10% fall at least twice.

Regardless of how cautious a pregnant woman is, it is still difficult for her to predict or prepare for a property owner’s carelessness. Due to the difficulty in maintaining equilibrium, expecting mothers are more prone to falling on slippery surfaces. When a store or restaurant fails to clean up spilled liquids, keep aisles orderly, or repair inadequate lighting, pregnant women may easily slip, trip, and fall. Slip and fall accidents can be especially detrimental to expecting mothers because the trauma from falling over can result in placental abruption or preterm labor, endangering both the lives of the mother-to-be and fetus. When a pregnant woman’s fall is caused by a landowner’s negligence, she may be entitled to pursue damages through a premises liability claim.

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How Falls Can Impact a Pregnant Woman Pregnant Woman Suffering by Belly Ache

Fortunately, slip and falls during pregnancy do not always injure fetuses. Unborn babies are protected in the mother’s womb by the amniotic fluid’s cushioning and robust membranes of the uterus. An expecting mother is more likely to suffer injury than her unborn child. However, in certain instances, a mother-to-be who falls will require immediate medical attention. It is important to seek immediate medical treatment if you experience any of the following:

  1. The fall results in bleeding or severe pain around the belly;
  2. You suffered a direct blow to your abdomen area;
  3. Vaginal bleeding;
  4. Leaking amniotic fluid;
  5. Extreme tenderness or grave pain in the pelvis, uterus, or abdomen;
  6. There is a significant reduction in fetal movement;
  7. Uterine contractions; or
  8. Broken bones.

Even if there are no apparent signs of harm, our compassionate attorneys advise consulting with your doctor. Your doctor may order some tests, such as an ultrasound, to assess the fetus. Depending on the severity of injuries, the doctor may request continuous fetal monitoring and blood tests to measure your contractions and the baby’s heart rate.



Preventing Slip and Falls While Pregnant

Although it may not be possible to predict every fall, pregnant women can take crucial precautions to reduce their risk. Slippery surfaces and stairways cause almost three-fourths of all the expecting mother slip and fall accidents. Some measures to boost your balance and help prevent from falling include:

  1. Wear sturdy, closed-toe, non-slip shoes or sneakers;
  2. Pay attention to your surroundings while walking;
  3. Watch out for large cracks and potholes on walkways;
  4. Walk extra slowly across slippery and smooth surfaces;
  5. Hold onto a railing when walking up or down the stairs;
  6. If you go shopping, hold onto a shopping cart for additional balance.

Expecting mothers have enough to worry about. No pregnant woman should have to suffer acute injuries or the loss of their unborn baby due to another’s negligence or irresponsibility. All property and business owners are required to inspect their premises and promptly correct any dangerous conditions. If you, or your unborn baby, have endured harm after a slip and fall accident in Western New York, you need to learn more about your legal options.

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