Federal Aviation Administration Regulations

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Aviation Administration The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is a government organization whose mission is “to provide the safest, most efficient, aerospace system in the world.” For over fifty years, it has operated throughout the United States, ensuring the safety of individuals whose day to day responsibilities demand that they utilize air transportation. Today, the FAA continues to work to maintain safe practices in air transportation. Their goal is to cultivate a future where “achievements in safety, security, efficiency, and environmental compatibility” are used to their full potential, and that involves the continued enforcement of air transportation regulations.

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A Snapshot Of The FAA

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) received its official name in 1967 when it became a part of the Department of Transportation, but the FAA has been in existence long before that. In 1926, the Air Commerce Act was instituted to regulate the flying of aircrafts in the United States, including pilot licensing and rules of air traffic. However, as air commerce expanded as a means of transportation, the number of crashes and accidents increased. The demand for greater regulations grew exponentially. The year 1958 saw the creation of the Federal Aviation Agency to “provide for the safe and efficient use of national airspace.” Finally, in 1967, President Lyndon B. Johnson called for the creation of an administration that would oversee all aircraft transportation regulations across the country, and the FAA was born. Today, the FAA oversees countless operations and regulations and continues to contribute to the ever-expanding field of air travel.

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Regulations Of The FAA

The FAA’s website details the primary responsibilities of the organization, some of which are as follows:

Aviation Administration
  1. Overseeing the safety regulations for public transportation;
  2. Supporting the development of safety and new technology in civil aeronautics;
  3. Maintaining public and military air traffic control and navigation systems;
  4. Researching the effects of public aviation on the environment; and
  5. Overseeing U.S. commercial space transportation.

The FAA is dedicated not only to maintaining safety regulations for aviation across the U.S. but also for encouraging research and development into safer, more fuel-efficient aircraft systems so as to improve the overall safety rating of aircrafts and reduce the negative environmental impact of plane operations.

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Other FAA Resources

Today, the FAA maintains a website containing numerous resources for pilots and passengers alike. Their webpage, “How Safety Relates to You,” contains links for travelers, airline operators, mechanics, and pilots to find the most up to date information on the FAA’s regulations for safe air travel. The following list contains examples of some of the resources available on the FAA’s website:

Aviation Administration

1. Resources for Travelers: general information on safety, including safe practices while onboard an aircraft and the hazardous materials not permitted for public transportation.

2. Resources for Pilots: Contains links to up to date information on accident data, pilot safety, available safety courses, alerts on current issues with different aircrafts, as well as a place to report an issue.

3. Resources for Mechanics: information on awards programs, a place to report an issue, and the latest safety alerts.

4. Resources for Airline Operators: information on the transportation of hazardous materials, information on past accidents and the current steps being taken to avoid them in the future, and alerts and information for Operators.



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