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The Federal Aviation Administration, in charge of aircraft safety regulations across the United States, brought a $5.4 million fine against Boeing after defective airplane parts caused two catastrophic crashes. Over 170 people died as a result of the defective wing components. Loss of life as a result of an airplane crash is calamitous in any instance, but when the crash might have been averted, the loss becomes even more tragic.

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The FAA’s Role In Defective Aircraft Regulation

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is in charge of monitoring the safety regulations and aviation practices of aircraft operators across the United States. They set the rules that aircraft operators are required to follow. If an aircraft operator or manufacturer fails to comply with those regulations or produces a product with defective parts, it is the FAA’s responsibility to bring a case against them, as was the case with Boeing’s faulty wing parts.

aircraft accident

The FAA’s website has resources for manufacturers and maintenance teams to quickly and easily report any defective aircraft components they discover. Their Aviation Safety Reporting System contains studies and resources, as well as reporting forms. The FAA website also has a Safety Issues page with links to report various types of accidents, including malfunctions or defects, and a hotline with useful resources.

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Examples Of Defective Aircrafts

When there is a defective aircraft design or aircraft component, as was the case in the Boeing crashes, the responsible parties are the manufacturers, sellers, and renters of the defective products. By allowing defective products to be distributed, they put anyone who relies on the proper performance of those products at risk. There has been an unfortunate number of crashes as a result of a defective aircraft in the past thirty years alone. A few of the more notable ones include:

1. Chalk’s Ocean Airways Flight 101: A crash resulted when the right wing came away from the body of the plane after maintenance failed to address preexisting cracks in the wing. This crash resulted in twenty deaths.

2. Continental Express Flight 2574: Negligence on the part of the maintenance and flight inspection teams led to a loss of stabilizers in-inflight. The plane crashed into a cornfield. It resulted in fourteen fatal injuries.

3. EI AI Flight 1862: A failure of the plane’s pylon resulted in next to no control of the airplane, and the unlikely possibility of a safe landing caused thirty-nine deaths.

In the first two examples, it was negligence on the part of the aircraft maintenance crew that led to the tragic crashes. Unfortunately for passengers, there is little that can be done to avoid boarding a defective aircraft, as the average traveler is unlikely to be aware of issues with the aircraft’s components. Instead, it is the maintenance crews, manufacturers, and the FAA employees who are responsible for ensuring the safety and continuing upkeep of aircraft.

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Aviation Laws

A manufacturer “must report any failure, malfunction, or defect in any product or article manufactured by it” according to the official procedures set out by the Federal Aviation Administration. These defects can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Engine exhaust system failure;
  2. Propeller control system failure;
  3. Leakage of flammable fluids;
  4. Failure of the brake system;
  5. Engine failure; and
  6. Loss of electricity or hydraulic power systems during aircraft operation.

When there is a defect in an aircraft, a report “must be made to the FAA within 24 hours after it has been determined that the failure, malfunction, or defect required to be reported has occurred.” Failure to do so places the responsibility of any crashes or accidents onto the parties responsible for filing a report. It is on those parties to ensure defective aircraft components are properly flagged and removed so as to safeguard the lives of pilots, passengers, and crewmembers.



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