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Aviation EquipmentOver a twenty-year period, the percentage of fatal accidents caused by either mechanical issues or faulty aviation equipment amounted to 22%. This was the second-highest cause of fatal accidents after pilot error, which totaled 53.5% during the same period. While 22% may sound insignificant compared with the percentage of pilot error accidents, it is still higher than the fatalities caused by weather, sabotage, or other complications. As these statistics aptly demonstrate, the risk of an accident caused by faulty aviation equipment is still a very real threat to passengers and flight crew today. Although great strides have been made to improve air passage safety, there remains a possibility of human or mechanical error.

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Defining Faulty Aviation Equipment

There are two distinct causes of crashes that result from faulty aviation equipment. The first occurs when there is something wrong with the equipment itself, a key component that was installed incorrectly or manufactured improperly. The second occurs when pre-flight checks fail to discover an issue with a piece of aviation equipment. In the event of the former, the parties at fault would likely be the manufacturers who allowed a malfunctioning piece of equipment to leave the factory floor. In the case of the latter, the responsibility would likely fall on the maintenance and pre-flight crews whose job it is to ensure that all of the aircraft’s components are functioning properly prior to take-off.

Even when the maintenance crew correctly completes their pre-flight procedures, there is always the possibility that a piece of equipment might malfunction mid-flight. This was the case in a Boeing 737 collision when the Boeing’s transponder apparently failed to alert the crew to an incoming aircraft. Because the necessary recording equipment was damaged in the crash, there was no way to be certain whether the transponder truly did malfunction or if it was negligence on the part of the crew that caused the warning to be ignored. Whatever the cause, the loss of life that resulted was tragic.

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Determining Liability

Maintenance CrewIn the event of a faulty aviation equipment-related accident, it can sometimes be difficult to determine who the responsible party was. Depending on the nature of the malfunction, anyone from the manufacturers, to the sellers, to the maintenance crew can be found liable for negligence. According to FlightLiteracy.com, “Preventing aircraft system malfunctions that might lead to an inflight emergency begins with a thorough pre-flight inspection,” and this statement can also be applied to aviation equipment manufacturers; the best way to forestall an accident is to ensure that every individual is performing their jobs with the utmost attention.

As of this year, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) began working on an initiative to improve general aviation safety. Their ultimate goal is to reduce the number of fatal aviation accidents by 1% each year over the course of the next decade, for a total 10% decrease in aviation fatalities. The FAA is utilizing statistical data to improve the safety of flights across the United States and make more readily available information on flights and the mechanical aspects of aviation. Hopefully, this initiative will reduce the number of fatalities seen each year due to faulty aviation equipment crashes.

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Steps to Take

The prospect of a faulty aviation equipment lawsuit can be extremely frightening, particularly as there is a high likelihood of loss of life associated with these accidents. When bringing a faulty aviation equipment lawsuit, more than ever, it is important to receive top rated legal representation. Having the right legal team can not only ensure that you receive the best compensation for your injuries, but it can also relieve much of the stress and uncertainty associated with accidents and help to support you where it matters most.



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