Brain Damage from Carbon Monoxide Exposure

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Carbon monoxide, also commonly referred to as CO, is a colorless, odorless gas produced during the combustion of materials containing carbon. Many common household appliances produce this poisonous gas. Every year, carbon monoxide claims the lives of hundreds of victims and makes thousands more seriously ill. CO is a leading cause of both morbidity and mortality poisoning throughout the United States. Victims may have been exposed to low amounts of carbon monoxide over an extended period or during a random event that was not their fault. Construction companies, contractors and landlords, have been held liable through personal injury lawsuits when it can be shown that they knew, or had reason to know, that carbon monoxide exposure was likely to arise, or the leak was caused by their negligence.

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Brain Damage Related To Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Brain draw Even breathing in low levels of carbon monoxide can build up over time in the bloodstream. Carbon monoxide poisoning may result in severe damage to the brain. Unfortunately, cases of CO poisoning often go undiagnosed. Some doctors struggle in properly identifying carbon monoxide poisoning as a cause of brain damage, even when patients have not experienced any accidents or traumatic events. The level of brain damage has a direct impact on the prognosis of victims fortunate enough to survive CO poisoning.

Doctors may be unable to fully predict all of the long-term damage and specific types of chronic neuropsychiatric symptoms that victims will suffer from exposure to carbon monoxide. The long-term brain damage suffered by victims often results in various chronic cognitive or executive complications such as parkinsonism, memory loss, trouble thinking, akinetic mutism, dystonia, loss of motor functioning and other neurologic or psychiatric complications. Additionally, victims may experience personality changes, mood disorders and clinical depression. It is difficult to compare the severity of brain damage among victims displaying different symptoms. Although MRIs and CT-scans are valuable in understanding the pathophysiologic mechanisms in victims, at this time there is no known optimal therapy for brain damage caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.



Risks And Prevention Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Furnace In New York State, most cases of carbon monoxide poisoning happen during the cold winter months due to frequent use of various heating sources, such as unvented space heaters or furnaces.

Further, those that face an increased chance of carbon monoxide exposure may include:

  1. Children riding in the cargo bed of an enclosed pickup truck;
  2. People starting or warming up their cars in garages, even with the door open;
  3. Industrial workers at steel plants, pulp foundries and mills that produce formaldehyde or other fuels;
  4. Firefighters and others at the scene of a fire;
  5. Those operating electric generators and heating sources during electricity outages;
  6. Employees working around combustible gases or combustion engines; and
  7. People swimming close to boats with the engine running.

Effective safety measures and ways you can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning include:

  1. Installing a carbon monoxide detector on each level of your home
  2. Having your car’s exhaust system inspected yearly;
  3. Never running your car inside a garage, even if the door is open;
  4. Routinely replacing the batteries in your CO detectors;
  5. Placing the CO detector where it will wake you up if activated;
  6. Replacing your CO detector every couple of years;
  7. Having your water heater, heating system and any other gas-burning appliances inspected and serviced annually;
  8. Ensuring that all fuel-burning appliances are adequately vented;
  9. Angling all horizontal vent pipes for appliances upwards as they lead to the outside;
  10. Never cover vent pipes;
  11. Never burn charcoal indoors;
  12. Never use portable gas stoves inside your home; and
  13. Never use generators indoors, even in a garage or basement.

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