How To Prevent HUS In New York State

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Children 5 years old and younger, as well as elderly adults 65 years old or older, have the highest risk of developing hemolytic uremic syndrome. Additionally, those with weakened immune systems from conditions, such as AIDS, and those that have endured certain genetic changes are at a greater risk of developing HUS. Roughly 3 to 5 percent of those diagnosed with hemolytic uremic syndrome sufferer fatalities. The most effective way to stop the disease from causing permanent and severe damage throughout your body is through a combination of early diagnosis and treatment.



E. Coli Exposure Can Lead To HUS

Micro organism Typical and atypical are the two different types of hemolytic uremic syndrome. Atypical HUS sufferers generally have a less favorable outcome than typical HUS sufferers. Typical HUS is caused by certain strains of E. coli (Escherichia coli) bacteria, usually O157:H7 and also sometimes O104:H4. People can easily become infected by ingesting even a tiny bit of a harmful strain of E. coli bacteria.

Some common ways people are exposed to E. coli include:

  1. Eating produce or meat that is contaminated;
  2. Drinking water contaminated with E. coli;
  3. Drinking unpasteurized milk;
  4. Swimming in lakes or pools tainted with feces;
  5. Cleaning up after an infected person and touching your mouth before washing your hands; and
  6. Touching or other contact with infected animals at exhibits or petting zoos.

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Preventing Typical HUS

Washing hands Unfortunately, produce and meat contaminated with E. coli do not necessarily look, smell or feel any different. To safeguard against E. coli and associated typical HUS you should:

  1. Always wash your hands thoroughly after going to the bathroom and changing diapers;
  2. Wash your hands before eating;
  3. Never drink unpasteurized juice, cider or milk;
  4. Routinely clean all food surfaces and utensils;
  5. Store raw foods separate from foods that are ready to eat;
  6. Do not store meat above produce in the refrigerator to decrease the risk of fluids leaking on produce;
  7. Defrost meat products in the refrigerator or microwave;
  8. Fully cook all meat until it reaches an internal temperature of 160 degrees or more;
  9. Never put cooked meat on dishes previously tainted by raw meat without washing them first; and
  10. Stay away from unclean swimming pools and bodies of water.

A majority of typical HUS cases can easily be prevented by simply washing and cooking food products. Most instances of this type of HUS are due to improper food handling from farmers, wholesalers and even grocers. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent atypical HUS, which is not associated with digestive tract infections.

Some HUS prognosis-related statistics include:

  1. Full recovery is most likely in children that suffer from typical HUS;
  2. Without aggressive treatments like dialysis and plasmapheresis, as many as 25 percent of adults suffering from atypical HUS may die;
  3. Half of all adult atypical HUS sufferers may develop longstanding kidney impairments;
  4. Sufferers of atypical HUS caused by genetic mutations are likely to experience a relapse of the disease;
  5. Around 30 percent of those diagnosed with HUS will be left with residual renal damage; and
  6. HUS sufferers may develop future complications such as central nervous system issues, brain damage, multi-organ damage, proteinuria and hypertension.

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