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Salad Throughout the world, millions of pounds of food are consumed daily. People often go out to eat, grab pre-made meals from the store or heat up a frozen meal. Many of these meals are made in factories with machines and several employees. Although there are standards in place to ensure the quality of food, occasionally non-edible or foreign objects can get mixed in. This can cause a serious injury to your mouth, gums, teeth and digestive tract. A foreign object food injury can occur when a non-edible object is inside or mixed-in with food that you are eating.

Objects that have been found in food in the past include:

  1. Plastic;
  2. Glass;
  3. Small Rocks;
  4. Metal;
  5. Wood;
  6. Jewelry;
  7. Grilling bristles;
  8. Rubber;
  9. Bones; and
  10. Human body parts.

The contaminated food can come from restaurants, pre-made meals, frozen meals, packaged food and more. Oftentimes, the contaminated food will be recalled from the market after consumers complain to the store or company. This means that more often than not, injuries occur before the food can be recalled.



Foreign objects commonly end up in food because of:

  1. Broken or old factory machines;
  2. Improperly or inadequately discarded shipping materials that the food was transported in;
  3. Broken appliances or tools used at restaurants; and
  4. Human error.

As you can imagine, biting down or swallowing foreign objects can cause serious harm to your mouth, jaw, tongue, throat, stomach, intestines and other internal organs. In rare cases, the injury could require surgical removal of the object.

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What To Do If You Are Injured Because Of A Foreign Object In Your Food

On average, Americans eat out 5.9 times per week. This ranges from grabbing a breakfast sandwich before work to going out to dinner with the family. If you are injured by a foreign object in your food, it is essential that you gather as much evidence as possible so that the liable party can be held accountable.

If you find a foreign object in your food at a RESTAURANT:

  1. Leave the food exactly as it was when you found the object;
  2. Take a picture of the object;
  3. Alert a waiter/waitress to get the manager to explain what happened;
  4. Fill out an accident report and be sure to take a picture or obtain a copy of the report while you are still there;
  5. Keep all of the evidence by placing it in a bag or wrapping it in a napkin, and do not let the restaurant take it from you;
  6. Obtain a receipt that shows the type of food you had purchased; and
  7. Seek medical attention or go to the Emergency Room if the object caused serious injuries to your mouth or jaw, or if you swallowed the object.

If you find a foreign object in your FROZEN OR PRE-MADE MEAL:

  1. Keep the package because it is important evidence to have the specific package and ID numbers;
  2. Take a photograph of the package and ID for assurance;
  3. Keep the receipt for your frozen or pre-made meal;
  4. Take pictures of the foreign object and any visible injuries to your mouth area; and
  5. Seek medical attention or go to the Emergency Room if the object caused serious injuries to your mouth or jaw, or if you swallowed the object.

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What Injuries Could You Sustain From Swallowing A Foreign Object In Food?

Tooth ache Accidently swallowing an object that is not meant for consumption can cause serious, and sometimes permanent, injuries. For example, if a hard object like glass, rocks or a tooth are bitten down on, it can cause injuries to the jaw, gums or teeth. If the object is sharp, it could cut the inner cheeks, tongue or gums. Furthermore, if the object is contaminated with bacteria, it could cause an infection. If it is an allergen, it could cause a deadly allergic reaction.

A study done by four medical doctors found that when a foreign object is swallowed by an adult, approximately 20% of cases required an endoscopy—a long tube used to see into the internal organs—and 1% required surgery. If the object is sharp, it would likely perforate the patient’s intestines, requiring emergency surgery.

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