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Bacteria Food contamination can refer to pretty much anything inside of food that is not meant to be there. Food contamination typically covers a wide range of things, from visible items to microscopic organisms. All foods have the possibility of becoming contaminated, which significantly increases the risk of consumers becoming severely ill or even dying. According to estimates by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), each year, 1 in 6 Americans fall sick and 3,000 suffer fatalities due to foodborne diseases. Over 200 different diseases, including everything from chronic diarrhea to cancer, can be spread through contaminated food. From the very start of food production until the point it reaches your mouth, there are plenty of ways for food contamination to occur. Food contamination can ensue at any phase of the process including cultivation, harvesting, processing, packaging, storage, distribution or even preparation.

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What Are The Main Sources Of Food Contamination?

Consumers must be aware of the different ways that food can become contaminated so that they can protect themselves against it. Contamination can occur in a variety of ways. The three most common types of food contamination include:

  1. Toxins or chemicals: This type of food contamination may involve pesticides or other chemicals used during farming or production. A food’s packaging may decompose over time and release harmful toxins into the food. In other instances, chemicals used for cleaning can easily get into food during manufacturing or preparation.
  2. Physical objects: This refers to any foreign object in food products that should not be there. These objects can cause substantial bodily harm to consumers. In some cases, foreign objects may contain harmful biological contaminants that can lead to serious foodborne illnesses. Some examples of physical contamination include metal pieces, broken glass, hair, fingernails, band-aids, cooking ware and other physical items.
  3. Biological contaminants: This type of food contamination relates to a variety of substances produced by living organisms such as pests, rodents, cattle and microorganisms. This includes contamination from parasites, viruses and bacteria, which are typically transferred through blood, saliva, fecal matter and pest droppings. The most common cause of food poisoning worldwide is bacterial contamination.

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Preventing Food Contamination

Washing fruits Although food contamination places everyone at risk, following the below food safety protocols can help you stay safe. You can ensure proper food hygiene and prevent most food contamination by:

  1. Proper food selection: Carefully examine all food for any signs of contamination. Do not taste canned foods with swollen or loose lids. Additionally, only buy seafood, vegetables and meats from reputable suppliers.
  2. Clean foods: Make sure to thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables, even if you are going to peel them.
  3. Wash your hands: It is important to wash your hands before, in the process and after making any food.
  4. Stay clean: Be sure you adequately sanitize all cookware and surfaces before food preparation and make certain that there are no toxic chemicals in the kitchen area.
  5. Separate raw and cooked foods: Juices from raw meat can contain harmful microorganisms, which can easily cross-contaminate other foods during storage and preparation.
  6. Cook meat thoroughly: It is important to cook all meat and poultry fully to kill any harmful contamination from parasites, viruses or bacteria.
  7. Store food at adequate temperatures: Under certain conditions, microorganisms can quickly reproduce. You should never let food stand for over 2 hours at room temperature.
  8. Reheating foods: When reheating already cooked food, be sure to reheat it to at least 165 degrees. Also, avoid keeping leftovers for too long.



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