Diagnosis And Treatment Of HUS In New York State

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Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS) is a devastating disease that adversely affects a person’s kidneys and bloodstream. The disease can be classified as either typical or atypical. Doctors or other health care professionals may suspect a victim is suffering from hemolytic uremic syndrome based on their medical history and after conducting a physical examination.

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How Is Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome Diagnosed?

Blood cells Although there is no single test or assessment that generates a diagnosis of hemolytic uremic syndrome, doctors will usually conduct blood tests, especially in young children who have had bloody diarrhea that is commonly associated with typical HUS. Abnormalities in laboratory tests can help confirm HUS diagnoses. Some abnormal results may include:

  1. Thrombocytopenia: HUS destroys blood platelets, which means that the person’s blood will show a low platelet count.
  2. Hemolytic anemia: When red blood cells try to pass through blood vessels in HUS sufferers, they are ripped apart. A peripheral blood smear will exhibit damaged and destroyed red blood cells. The person’s red blood cell count will also be extremely low.
  3. Uremia: Given that HUS can lead to kidney damage, doctors may measure the individual’s kidney functioning. To accomplish this, doctors typically test the level of waste products in the blood, which are normally filtered by healthy kidneys. Creatinine and blood urea nitrogen (BUN) measures the extent of kidney functioning. Levels surge because the kidneys are unable to get rid of waste products resulting from metabolism, which is a strong indication of uremia and/or kidney failure.
  4. Irregular findings in urine: Protein and blood may be discovered in samples of urine, even though they usually are not present.
  5. Stool cultures: Stool samples may be taken to try and culture E. coli because the bacteria is the most widespread cause of HUS in adolescents. However, negative test results do not exclude the disease as the body naturally clears the bacteria from its stool within 7 days. Nevertheless, positive test results can help confirm HUS.
  6. Brain functioning: To distinguish between HUS and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP) doctors may conduct a normal neurologic examination. Brain functioning in HUS victims is generally normal, while it is greatly affected by TTP.

An individual’s medical history is extremely important in cases of atypical HUS. The medical history allows doctors to examine all possible triggers of the disease. Unfortunately, in as many as half of all atypical HUS cases the cause is never found.

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Treatment For Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

Blood transfering In most children, typical HUS has the propensity to be self-limiting. Nevertheless, supportive medical treatment may still be necessary. This commonly includes intravenous fluids for rebalancing vital electrolytes and rehydration, which was lost from diarrhea. In severe cases of anemia, in which hemoglobin levels decrease below 6 or 7 gm/dL, multiple blood transfusions may be necessary. Kidney failure is usually managed carefully with supportive care and close observation. In some instances, dialysis may be required while waiting for the kidneys to recover.

Adults suffering from atypical HUS tend to get much more ill and necessitate more aggressive treatment than children. In addition to supportive care, plasma exchange may be needed. Because it is believed that there is an anomalous chemical in the plasma that stimulates the abnormal clotting, removing the plasma and substituting it with a donor’s plasma can be beneficial. As a last resort, doctors may prescribe the medication eculizumab, which is a monoclonal antibody. Eculizumab decreases the potential destruction of cells by reducing blood clotting in capillaries. However, the medication also decreases the immune system’s capabilities—increasing the risk of infections.

HUS is a very serious health condition, receiving the appropriate medical treatment promptly will help provide sufferers, especially young children, with the greatest chances of fully recovering for most victims. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of HUS, contact your doctor immediately.



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