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Jed Dietrich, Esq., Renowned as a New York Super Lawyer and Best Lawyer of America, and His Top Rated Team of Lawyers at the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. Take Aggressive Legal Action to Obtain Supreme Results for Victims Who Have Suffered From Illnesses Caused by Exposure to Toxins in Rochester, New York, Throughout Monroe County, and Beyond.

Toxic Tort Attorneys Countless victims of toxic torts come in contact with dangerous chemicals every day. Companies often place dangerous substances in their products, and innocent consumers have no idea. Consequently, those sickened by toxic exposure are usually unsuspectingly exposed and unaware that it will harm them. In these types of toxic tort cases, companies create hazardous situations that harm others. Victims can be exposed to harmful chemicals in countless ways, such as Elmiron, paraquat, chlorpyrifos, and asbestos. For instance, families living near a factory that is dumping waste into the local water system could be exposed to contaminated drinking water. In many situations, victims do not even realize that there is a problem until terrible symptoms begin to manifest. Unfortunately, by this point, it is often too late, and little can be done to reverse the senseless harm inflicted.

If you are looking for a highly qualified personal injury to litigate your toxic tort claim, your search is over. Jed Dietrich, Esq. has provided top-notch legal representation to thousands of clients throughout Rochester, New York, Monroe County, and New York State. After over two decades of fighting for clients, Jed Dietrich, Esq. has the verified results to demand the compensation that you deserve. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s seasoned lawyers have witnessed the complications of chemical exposure. Nobody should be forced to bear the devastating health effects brought on by reckless corporations and other parties. Any company that exposes people to toxins must be held liable for the damage that they have caused. Our veteran attorneys recognize that pursuing a toxic tort claim against the responsible party may be one of the most important things you ever do.

With the Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s extensive resources and leading reputation, our elite attorneys will hold the responsible party accountable for their inexcusable disregard for human life. Jed Dietrich, Esq. and his best of the best lawyers have fought to obtain more than $175 million in verdicts and settlements for clients. Please view our Justia 10.0 Lawyer Rating and clients’ testimonials by clicking here. Our devoted team is available 24/7 by dialing 585-939-3939 or by completing the online consultation form. Retain our extraordinary Rochester personal injury attorneys to start pursuing the compensation that you deserve today!

Most Common Types Of Toxic Tort Claims

Most Common Types Of Toxic Tort Claims Toxic tort claims commonly result from the harm caused by wrongful exposure to damaging substances or biological chemicals through inhalation, skin contact, or ingestion. Despite the government’s efforts to protect the public, millions of victims throughout the country are exposed to and severely harmed by toxic substances every year. Various circumstances created by hazardous chemicals can result in toxic tort cases. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s battle-tested lawyers have litigated a variety of toxic tort cases involving:

  1. Environmental Contamination: Numerous toxic fumes, waste, and other substances are routinely released into the environment. The environment is contaminated by toxins that impact our drinking water, the food we eat, the air we breathe, and the soil we walk on. Victims harmed by treacherous environmental practices of irresponsible corporations can pursue environmental toxic tort claims. For instance, a company’s defective disposal of lithium-ion batteries caused dangerous chemicals to soak into the soil and contaminate a rural town’s groundwater.
  2. Consumer Products: Many substances that were previously believed to be safe and used to build different products have become associated with cancer, birth defects, and other diseases. In a recent year alone, more than 40 percent of pesticide poisonings were caused by contact with disinfectants and household cleaning products. Some products that release contaminants can stay in the air for up to one year. While babies and young children are especially sensitive to toxic exposure, a UN Environment Programme (UNEP) report found that 25 percent of children’s toys contain hazardous chemicals.
  3. Occupational Exposure: Standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulate required safety equipment and procedures. When employers fail to keep their workers safe from harmful compounds, they may risk devastating harm or death. Many toxic tort claims are caused by negligence at the workplace. Certain industries, such as mining, manufacturing, farming, construction, and even firefighting, can place workers at substantial risk of chemical exposure. When traces of harmful substances are carried home on shoes and clothing, it can result in severe health complications for both workers and their families.
  4. Toxic Medications: Pharmaceutical companies are required to conduct broad research when designing and producing new medications. Whether a manufacturer conceals side effects, marks drugs improperly, or the medicine was stored unsafely, patients can be left impaired by the same medications that were supposed to help them. Toxic drugs can cause a variety of possible health problems, such as birth defects, blindness, heart defects, and cancer.



Hiring The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. For Your Toxic Tort Case

You never want to go up against a big corporation by yourself because even the slightest mistake could seriously affect your legal right to compensation. Not to mention, most corporations have teams of lawyers to defend their interests. If you are searching for a lawyer to litigate your toxic exposure claim, it is crucial to choose a highly competent, knowledgeable, and skilled lawyer. Important advice to assist you in retaining the best possible attorney includes the following:

  1. Pick an attorney who has vast experience litigating personal injury, toxic tort, premises liability, and product liability lawsuits;
  2. Select a law firm that has the resources needed to effectually investigate and litigate your case;
  3. Retain a firm that has been around for many years and has decades of practice;
  4. Choose an attorney that you will be satisfied to work with during the whole length of your lawsuit;
  5. Find a law firm that offers confidential, complimentary, and no-obligation case evaluations;
  6. Obtain an attorney who has substantial courtroom experience because defense teams always consider this before offering settlements;
  7. Always read past clients’ reviews to learn more about the attorney’s character and quality of representation provided; and
  8. Hire a lawyer that has a long track record for negotiating seven-figure settlements and winning massive judgments.

The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s toxic tort lawyers are sincerely devoted to fighting for our clients. We believe that there is nothing worse than allowing a careless corporation to get away with destroying your way of life. Over the years, our law firm built its exceptional reputation by not being afraid to take on some of the world’s largest corporations. Jed Dietrich, Esq. has tried over 100 lawsuits to a verdict in the New York State Supreme Court. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s elite team is prepared to use every legal theory necessary to establish liability, such as negligence, breach of warranty, product liability, or premises liability. Our seasoned lawyers promise to pursue every dollar that you deserve! If you believe that you have suffered a toxic tort, please call our Rochester, New York office. Our award-winning personal injury lawyers are available twenty-four-seven by calling 585-939-3939 or by completing the online consultation form.

Call the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. immediately at 585-939-3939 so that our aggressive, tenacious and hardworking personal injury lawyers can fight to obtain the best result for your personal injury claim in Rochester, New York. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and there is never a fee until we WIN for you!

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