New York State Vehicle And Traffic Laws For Pedestrians

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If you were a pedestrian that was struck by a car, truck or SUV, the following New York State Vehicle and Traffic laws and definitions may be applicable to your case. Call 716-839-3939 now to discuss the implications of these laws and definitions on your injury claim:

  1. § 110 Crosswalk (Definition): A crosswalk is a part of the roadway labelled by lateral lines at an intersection.
  2. § 130 Pedestrian (Definition): A pedestrian is any individual walking or travelling in a wheelchair.
  3. Signal Indications § 1112 Pedestrian-Control Signal Indications: This outlines the various commands that a pedestrian-control signal provides:

    Walk: Any pedestrian may cross at the crosswalk when there is a “Walk” symbol.

    Flashing Don’t Walk: When there is a flashing “Don’t Walk” symbol, pedestrians who have not crossed yet should wait for the next “Walk” symbol. Pedestrians who have already begun walking should proceed walking across.

    Steady Don’t Walk: Pedestrians should not cross the intersection when there is a steady “Don’t Walk” symbol.

    Even if you were hit walking when the signal indicated “Don’t Walk,” you may still have a claim. Call our Buffalo, New York pedestrian accident lawyers at the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. at 716-839-3939 as soon as possible to know your rights.

  4. § 1142 Vehicle Entering Stop or Yield Intersection: Drivers should yield to any pedestrian legally crossing an intersection.
  5. § 1146 Drivers to Exercise Due Care: Drivers should exercise due care, or the care that an ordinarily reasonable and prudent person would use under the same or similar circumstances.”

    Drivers should sound their horn if necessary. This alerts the pedestrian to their presence. If a driver violates the standard of due care, liability attaches. There may even be a criminal case. A violation of this law is punishable with a fine up to five hundred dollars or imprisonment for 15 days.

  6. Traffic Regulations
  7. § 1150 Pedestrians Subject to Traffic Regulations: Pedestrians are required to follow all traffic laws.
  8. § 1151 Pedestrian's Right of Way in Crosswalks: When there are no traffic control devices (i.e. a traffic light), drivers are required to yield to pedestrians. If a vehicle is stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross, vehicles behind should stop and not try to pass.
  9. § 1151-A Pedestrians’ Right of Way on Sidewalks: Vehicles entering an alleyway, building, road or driveway should yield to pedestrians on an adjacent sidewalk.

    Even if you crossed a street inappropriately, you may still be eligible to file a claim for your injuries. Call our top rated pedestrian accident lawyers in Buffalo, New York, who fight for people injured by cars while walking, now at 716-839-3939 to learn more about your rights.

  10. § 1152 Crossing at Other Than Crosswalks: Pedestrians outside of a crosswalk should yield to vehicles. Pedestrians should not cross an intersection diagonally.
  11. § 1156 Pedestrians on Roadways: Pedestrians should not walk along or upon a road if a sidewalk is provided. When no sidewalks are available, pedestrians should walk in the opposite direction of traffic.

Even if you were injured while crossing a street diagonally or were injured walking in the street when there was a sidewalk, you still may have a claim. Please contact our team of Buffalo, New York pedestrian accident attorneys at 716-839-3939 so that we can try to help you.

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