What To Do If You’ve Been Injured In A Wet Floor Accident

WET-FLOOR-scaledWet floors are notorious for causing exceptionally slippery conditions. Consequently, these types of accidents can happen just about anywhere. You may have slipped on a spilled drink at your favorite restaurant or fallen in a shopping mall on some melted ice. Water and other liquids frequently cause wet floor-related hazards in public bathrooms, stairs, building entrances, and grocery store aisles.  

Unfortunately, wet floor accidents can be much more devastating than you would think. Suddenly, losing your balance and falling on a hard floor can have life-altering consequences. According to the National Foor Safety Institute (NFSI), each year, wet floor slips and falls result in over 1 million emergency department visits. Slipping and falling on a wet floor can be deeply troubling, especially when you suffer severe injuries or worse.  

Essential Steps To Take After Your Fall

Property owners are legally obligated to safely maintain their floors for all guests, patrons, tenants, and employees alike. When you slip and fall because the floor is wet, you are entitled to compensation for any resulting damages that you have suffered. Suppose you find yourself the victim of a wet floor slip and fall. In that case, the Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s veteran attorneys recommend implementing the following steps:

  1. Inspect Yourself for Injuries: The first and most important thing to do after being the victim of any accident is to inspect yourself for injuries. Common injuries include broken wrists, fractured elbows, shattered tailbones, and bruised knees.
  2. Request the Store Manager: Ensure that the manager witnesses the exact cause of your fall. Then, request them to complete an accident report noting the wet floor.
  3. Never Admit Fault: Avoid accepting any responsibility for contributing to the fall. The manager is not on your side and may trick you into making a statement that could affect your claim. Always think before saying anything. 
  4. Gather Evidence: Take pictures of the wet floor and any other conditions that may have contributed to your fall. Additionally, request the contact details of any potential witnesses. 
  5. Get Medical Treatment: If you suffer severe injuries, tell the manager to call for an ambulance. Even if your injuries are relatively minor, you should still get checked out by a physician. 
  6. Call a Lawyer: The importance of consulting with a highly experienced personal injury attorney with decades of experience in litigating slip and fall accidents cannot be overstated. 

While suffering a slip and fall can be a nightmare, following our above recommendations will help preserve your health and legal rights. Please get in touch with our top rated Buffalo, New York, personal injury law firm today by calling us at 716-839-3939 or completing our online consultation form.

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