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Man on a whelchairMany Americans who are injured or disabled use wheelchairs to get around. Although wheelchairs help provide users with some independence, traveling across town, including from doctors’ offices to physical therapy sessions or even back home, can be difficult. As a result, many wheelchair users rely on non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) services to drive them to and from medical appointments and other necessary engagements. These services usually use specially equipped vans, also known as ambulettes, to transport wheelchair passengers. The lives of the passengers, especially the ones coping with severe health complications, depend on ambulette employees to transport them safely.

Every wheelchair user should be able to get a ride without worrying about suffering devastating injuries or worse. Unfortunately, driving disabled passengers can pose special safety risks, especially when wheelchairs or wheelchair users are inadequately secured. Various conditions, like inadequate training, failure to abide by wheelchair restraint protocols or lack of sleep, can cause attendants to perform their duties negligently. Even a minor oversight while locking a wheelchair in place could cause substantial harm to passengers. Dangers posed to improperly secured wheelchair users include passengers getting thrown from their chairs, wheelchairs tipping over, or violently rolling around in the cabin. Many victims of wheelchair transport no lock accidents suffer neck and back injuries, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and exacerbation of existing injuries. If you or a family member were hurt by negligent non-emergency medical transport employees, you owe it to yourself to consult with a highly experienced personal injury attorney.

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Safety Tips for Preventing Wheelchair Transport Injuries

Woman helping man on wheelchair to get into an anambulanceIt is imperative for ambulette attendants to always use proper techniques while handling wheelchair passengers. When the wheelchairs of passengers are not sufficiently locked in place, it places everyone inside the van in considerable danger. All transport employees must keep current on wheelchair restraint systems and other relevant technology. Attendants can stop most unsecured wheelchair injuries by applying the following practices:

  1. Only Utilize Approved Restraint Systems: Wheelchair transport companies should only employ wheelchair tie-downs and passenger restraint systems that comply with New York State safety standards.
  2. Inspect the Equipment: Attendants can lower the risk of locks and restraints failing by performing regular inspections and routine maintenance.
  3. Adequate Training: Service providers must properly train transport attendants on securing wheelchairs in place and passenger safety.
  4. Always Follow Protocol: Wheelchair locking procedures were developed for the safety of passengers. It is imperative never to improvise and to follow these protocols step by step on every ride.
  5. Pay Attention: When attendants are distracted or not paying attention, the risk of making a mistake dramatically increases. While locking passengers’ wheelchairs in place, it is critical to concentrate completely on the task at hand.
  6. Double-Check: Those responsible for securing wheelchairs should always confirm that every passenger is adequately secured before getting on the road.



Vicarious Liability for Negligent Wheelchair Transport Staff

When the carelessness or irresponsibleness of wheelchair transportation attendants leads a passenger to be injured, that worker can be held responsible for the damages. Additionally, if the employee caused the passenger harm while carrying out his or her job, the wheelchair transport service provider may also be held accountable. Respondeat Superior is a legal doctrine that places vicarious liability on an employer for its worker’s actions. Translated from Latin, Respondeat Superior means “let the master answer.” The underlying concept is based on the notion that the negligent actions or inactions of an employee can be characterized as the employer’s act or failure to act. Simply put, wheelchair transport no lock accident victims may be entitled to pursue personal injury lawsuits against a wheelchair transportation company for an employee’s negligent act or failure to act when necessary.

However, the employee’s conduct has to be an established practice or a normal part of the individual’s workplace. Although non-emergency medical transport companies often try to minimize their control over ambulette attendants in the field, service providers are legally obligated to ensure the safety of wheelchair passengers. Proving vicarious liability against a non-medical transport company is particularly valuable for passengers who have suffered overwhelming damages because most wheelchair transport employees earn low hourly wages and cannot afford to pay large settlements. However, these companies normally carry large insurance policies and have the financial means to provide victims with 6 and 7-figure settlements.

The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s hard-hitting, persistent, and methodical team will act swiftly to systematically investigate your unsecured wheelchair transport accident. We will do everything possible to gather crucial evidence to prove that your injuries resulted from a lack of reasonable care by the service provider and its employees. Our primary objective is to help you bounce back as quickly as possible. Our seasoned litigators promise to employ highly successful legal strategies to boost your likelihood of obtaining the highest possible compensation. Please call Jed Dietrich, Esq. and his battle-tested Erie County, New York attorneys now at 716-839-3939 or by completing the online consultation form.

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