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Propane and natural gas-powered stoves are sometimes touted as safe and cost-effective alternatives to modern induction cooktops. However, for all their apparent advantages, any appliance that depends on fossil fuel carries a significant risk.

If the integrity of a gas range is compromised by a defective design, the improper placement of a fuel tank, or inadequate maintenance, homeowners could find themselves endangered by near-undetectable accumulations of highly combustible vapor that can ignite with just a spark, causing a residential fire or explosive blast.

Accidents, while rare, often have life-altering repercussions. Even when victims manage to escape with their lives intact, the long-term consequences of a third-degree burn or internal organ injury are difficult to anticipate. The costs of recovery can be immense and, in many cases, seemingly beyond the means of ordinary Erie families.

You do not have to accept hardship in place of a fair settlement. For nearly 20 years, the Dietrich Law Firm P.C. has fought to protect the rights of gas stove accident victims. A recognized U.S. News & World Report Best Law Firm, we know what it takes to stand up to a negligent appliance manufacturer, irresponsible landlord, or profit-oriented insurance company—and we have the results to prove it. Please send us a message online or call us at 814-839-3939 to speak to a personal injury lawyer near Erie and explore your options for compensation.

The Most Common Causes of Propane and Natural Gas-Powered Stove Accidents

Gas-powered ranges have always presented a novel set of risks. In recent years, natural gas connections and propane tanks have been implicated in thousands of residential fires. These fires have claimed dozens of lives and caused hundreds of injuries.

Although gas and propane stove fires and explosions have a wide range of potential causes, the most common include the following:

  1. Homeowner Negligence: The leading cause of all kitchen accidents, including propane and natural gas stove-related accidents, is consumer error. Even minor oversights—like forgetting to close a valve, or stepping away from a cooktop to simmer a time-consuming dish—could increase the risk of fire or cause an accumulation of excess gas.
  2. Defective Appliances: If a company makes a mistake in the design, manufacture, or marketing of a gas-powered appliance, consumers could face unexpected risks. Common gas and propane stove-related defects include improperly-fitted safety valves, unresponsive gas-control knobs, and undetectable vapor leakage.
  3. Improper Maintenance: Any error in the installation or maintenance of a gas-powered stove could endanger users.

In the aftermath of a serious gas or natural gas-fueled accident, determining causation is rarely a straightforward undertaking. Even in cases where survivors were prudent and made no mistakes of their own, insurance investigators are often skeptical and predisposed to presuming negligence. Claims for compensation are sometimes denied for unfair reasons, leaving victims to pay out-of-pocket for an accident that was not their fault.

The Dietrich Law Firm P.C. believes that nobody should be forced to pay the price for an accident that was not their fault. If you, or a loved one, have been injured in a propane or natural gas stove accident that was not your fault, our experienced team of attorneys could help you begin building a compelling, evidence-based claim for compensation. Please call us at 814-839-3939 to speak to a product defect lawyer near Erie and schedule your 100% free consultation as soon as possible.

Understanding the Long-Term Consequences of a Propane Appliance Accident Injury

Any accident involving propane or natural gas has the potential to end in catastrophe.

Even in a small city like Erie, the risks of defective or neglected sources of fuel have caused serious accidents that have left families homeless, and caused victims injury or even resulted in death.

In a recent incident, a large explosion leveled a home in McKean Township. It took eight companies of firefighters to control the flames, with investigators later determining that a propane leak had caused a massive blast. Although the family managed to escape unharmed, others have been less fortunate—in Pittsburgh, for instance, six people lost their lives after an apparent proliferation of natural gas destroyed three houses and also damaged another dozen surrounding residences. Among the victims was a 55-year-old man who had grown up in Erie.

Injuries caused by gas leaks, defective propane tanks, and inherently unsafe gas ranges are often severe, and could include any of the following:

  1. Burn Injuries: Gas and propane stove accidents can cause a variety of thermal injuries, including first-, second-, and third-degree burns. Depending on the severity of an accident, burns can destroy cells and tissue down to the bone. Survivors may also suffer disfiguring injuries and an increased risk for significant medical complications, including bacterial infections.
  2. Blast Injuries: If a defective appliance causes an accumulation of propane or natural gas inside of a kitchen, any amount of fire—even from a cigarette or candle—could ignite the vapor, potentially causing a powerful blast. Blast-related injuries can inflict trauma even in the absence of fire, ranging in severity from ruptured eardrums to brain injuries and internal organ damage.
  3. Crushing Injuries: Blasts and fires could compromise a building’s structural integrity. Falling debris, whether from a collapsed roof or wall, could strike or fall upon victims. Crush-type injuries vary in complexity but could include fractured bones, partial appendage amputations, or even death. Outcomes are typically dependent on a confluence of factors, including the victim’s ability to obtain rapid medical care.

Burns, blasts, and crushing injuries can cause immediate damage—damage that can ravage the skin, potentially extending down to the bone.

However, even if a survivor seems likely to recover from their initial injuries, prolonged exposure to either gas vapor or scorching flame can have long-term consequences. These consequences could include the following:

  1. Scarring and other disfiguring injuries;
  2. Acquired brain injuries;
  3. Respiratory tract damage;
  4. Sleep impairment;
  5. Emotional trauma; and
  6. Permanent disability.

Homeowners insurance and rental liability policies can provide limited compensation for survivors’ damages. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s highly trained defective product injury attorneys will fight to get an adequate amount of compensation for your injuries.



Fighting for Your Rights After a Life-Changing Defective Stove Accident

In New York, accident victims have a legal right to file a claim for compensation against the person, or party, who caused their injuries.

  1. Personal Injury Lawsuits: A personal injury lawsuit is a civil complaint filed against the person, or party, who caused the accident. Most personal injury claims are predicated on negligence. In most cases, victims must establish that the defendant’s negligence was the direct or proximal cause of their injuries.
  2. Premises Liability Lawsuits: Property owners have a legal obligation to ensure that their premises are free from unreasonable hazards and foreseeable dangerous conditions. Landlords, for instance, must typically conduct routine maintenance and respond to tenant complaints about suspected gas leaks or faulty appliances. If a property owner fails to amend a dangerous condition, they could be found liable for the costs of any resulting accident.
  3. Product Liability Lawsuits: A product liability lawsuit is a claim taken against the manufacturer of an inherently defective product. In New York, allegations of product liability usually relate to strict liability, a legal principle asserting that manufacturers are responsible for any injury arising from an unaltered product.

Depending on the circumstances of your claim, and the severity of your injuries, you could be entitled to significant damages—compensation for your economic losses, and relief for your emotional trauma.

Since our founding in 2005, the Detrich Law Firm P.C. has helped our clients in Erie and across the region secure more than $175 million in damages—money that they have used to eradicate their medical debt, afford high-quality care, and begin rebuilding their lives. We could help you, too. Please send us a message online or call us at 814-839-3939 to speak to an attorney and schedule your 100% free, no-obligation consultation.

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