What Does Loss of Consortium Mean?

Couple-Doing-Yardwork-200x300Loss of consortium is a term used in personal injury law that refers to the deprivation of the benefits of a family relationship because of injuries suffered in an accident. Under New York law, injured victims may be eligible to obtain monetary compensation for the loss of consortium and companionship. These claims are intended to remedy marital damages that the victim and their spouse have suffered. Loss of consortium claims are generally made when the injuries suffered are long-lasting, devastating, or debilitating. 

Who Can Bring A Loss Of Consortium Claim?

In New York State, spouses of injured victims can claim the loss of consortium or companionship. Unfortunately, this does not include life partners or significant others. If a spouse contributed financially to their household and family expenses, the claim might consist of loss of financial support. This amount is determined by the sum of money the spouse would have contributed to the family had they not been injured. 

When a spouse can no longer carry out the household services that they used to provide, their loved ones may be forced to bear the burden of performing those chores or paying somebody to complete them. Damages for household services provided by a husband or wife are intended to compensate for the additional household tasks and maintenance that a spouse can no longer do. Household services typically consist of daily tasks, such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, house cleaning, and childcare, which can all be included in a claim. 

Victims may also obtain compensation for the physical and emotional damages they have endured in the marriage due to their spouse’s accident. These damages can consist of companionship and acts of love, intimacy, and affection. 

Adequately Preparing For Your Loss Of Consortium Claim

Suppose that your spouse has been critically wounded in an accident. In that case, you may be entitled to compensation through a claim for loss of consortium. Fortunately, Jed Dietrich, Esq. and his battle-tested Buffalo, New York personal injury attorneys are here to help make things easier for you and your family. Hiring the Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s top rated team will help balance the scales of justice and significantly increase the value of your claim. The Dietrich Law Firm P.C.’s compassionate team understands how emotionally trying loss of consortium claims can be. We know how to prepare you for complex questions and carefully explain how your responses can impact your case. After suffering the loss of consortium, proper preparation will give you the comfort and certainty to describe the nature of your losses. Please get in touch with us today at 716-839-3939 or by completing our online consultation form so that we can help you!  

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