What Are Medical Liens?

Liens-300x200Many accident victims seeking damages in personal injury lawsuits are surprised to learn that an insurance company, doctor’s office, physical therapy clinic, or another party has placed a medical lien against their monetary compensation. As a result, victims may receive significantly less money than they anticipated. Since liens can substantially affect your financial outcome, knowing what they are and exactly how they work is crucial. 

How Are Medical Liens Used?

After suffering injuries in an accident, most victims cannot afford to pay for their medical treatment upfront. Instead, third parties, such as government agencies, insurance companies, or hospitals, cover the costs. These third parties have a legal right to seek reimbursement for their expenses. Medical liens are often enforced against a victim’s settlement or jury award to collect payment for treatment provided. Medical liens are most frequently utilized in the following four circumstances: 

  1. Private Health Insurance: Following an accident, the victim used their private health insurance to pay for medical care. The insurance company may be entitled to file a medical lien against the proceeds of the settlement. 
  2. The Hospital: This can occur when an accident victim is uninsured and a healthcare provider still administers treatment. Since the hospital provided emergency treatment, it can pursue a lien to be paid for its assistance. 
  3. Workers’ Compensation Lien: If the victim received workers’ compensation benefits and later filed a personal injury claim, the insurance provider can pursue a lien against the proceeds. 
  4. Medicaid or Medicare Liens: When a government agency, such as Medicare or Medicaid, pays for the victim’s treatment, the agency is entitled to recover its expenses. However, this only includes recouping costs for injuries related to the accident. 

Negotiating Your Medical Lien

Highly experienced personal injury attorneys can negotiate favorable conditions of a victim’s medical lien. For instance, it may be possible to dispute the basis of a lien, negotiate a reduced lien total, or have the victim agree to a prearranged payment instead of having the money deducted from their settlement. 

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